Believe in the Future Premiere: Music sounds, let us restore our daily happiness 丨 Entertainment

“Believe in the Future” Premiere: Music sounds, let us restore our daily happiness 丨 Entertainment
At 19:30 on May 4, the first episode of the online charity event “Believe in the Future”, which was jointly planned and held by multiple music platforms and record companies across the country, was broadcast live.Since the event was issued in April, nearly 300 groups of musicians have received responses.Whether it is time or geography, this seems to be the largest music event with the largest number of artists in overall planning, and the largest public welfare music performance in the world.Screenshots of some premiere videos.The premiere included almost all platforms that have a certain influence on the Chinese Internet, and many fan-based artists in the Chinese music scene, such as Faye Wong, Lin Junjie, Lu Han, Wang Junkai, etc. also appeared.Many Chinese musicians have shown a very serious attitude and good strength in vocal performance and post-processing.Simple, the warm conversation between Bai Yansong, Wang Han and Hua Shao also brought a lot of fun for everyone.Since “believe in the future” is an online music broadcast after all, there is no too specific technical criterion at the stage of submitting works, so the experience it can provide to the audience is naturally uneven.After all, everyone has done something on Vocal, and these treatments are understandable for the benefit of this charity show.Zhou Xun used a mirror as a mirror, and sang a song “Singer of the World”.Since the birth of the “believe in the future” attempt, people have often put it together with a world.In fact, although they are all public welfare music activities that use music to fight against human disasters, there are huge differences in the temperament and communication methods they present.The Live Aid series is held in offline venues, and the income is donated to the “charity concert” for the relief of the wasteland, while a world together and “believe in the future” have to be recorded and broadcasted at home due to the nature of the new crown pneumonia.Form.In terms of the effects of musical works, it is naturally impossible to match the sound quality of live performances.But at the same time, the scene of the online charity show also conveyed to the public the message of “safely avoiding the epidemic at home” and provided more fun to understand the temporary environment of the stars.Although on some broadcast platforms, some singer fans will constantly ask about the performance time of their own artists during the performance of other artists, and it is not polite, but at least it proves that this event does cover the crowd and has an interactive scale.Influence.And the time when “believe in the future” starts is even more thoughtful about dating. In terms of the current anti-epidemic situation in China, the epidemic situation in most cities has been easing.Spiritual stimulation of daily pace.In this case, the musicians they usually love can show more regular and closer to the performance status of ordinary people, and indeed can give everyone more mental strength, and can better recover from the long-term isolation.Go to work and life.Screenshots of some premiere videos.Musicians do their best in this vortex, and they are obliged to bring happiness and continue to struggle for everyone. This is the responsibility and consciousness displayed by practitioners in this industry.They are loved by the public on weekdays, and at the moment when everyone needs happiness the most, they give everyone what they can. This is the power of music.It can recover more than most art forms, and has a greater effect. This is also the original intention of “believe in the future”.When music sounds and all musicians bring music to everyone regardless of gains and losses, we will involuntarily believe in the future.Such a large-scale event is accompanied by unprecedented solidarity and collaboration between various record companies and different music platforms.Tencent, NetEase, Xiami and other copyright parties that usually compete with each other have opened up their copyrights to each other, allowing the musicians to cover.This attitude surpassed the fierce business competition on weekdays and passed on the most important spirit of solidarity and cooperation in the epidemic.Artists can care about cooperation between companies without regard to the difference between the portals. These are scenes that are hard to see at the normal industry level.All of this is to make people who have experienced the pain and isolation experience realize the unusual fun and happiness.”Believe” has never been an easy thing to do.Because “believe” means that you have to ignore the gains and losses in front of you and have more faith in the future.When musicians take the lead in ignoring the gains and losses in front of them and offer free but serious performances to everyone, then we should probably believe in the future, and believe that there will be more hope, passion and happiness in the future.□ You Zuo (music critic), editor of sauna night net Wu Longzhen, proofreading Wei Zhuo