How do the elderly deal with neighborhood relations?

How do the elderly deal with neighborhood relations?

Family harmony and harmony in the neighborhood are the foundation for building a harmonious society.

If you don’t deal with the neighborhood, you live in a dissonant layout, don’t be twisted all day, your mood is not good, and your life is not good.

Therefore, we must properly handle the neighborhood relationship.

  The life of the elderly is rich, the neighborhood is familiar, and there is a lot of time. You should do more work in this area.

How to deal with neighborhood relations?

Through the chat with some old people, the author sums up the following four points: 1. In the face of neighbors regardless of the neighbor’s social pattern, work occupation, economic status, living habits, age, etc., they must treat each other equally and treat them equally.

You can’t rely on the old and the old, don’t talk to the parents and the West, and don’t talk about other people’s unpleasant things.

The saying “No one is behind, who does not say people before” is a bad habit of destroying the relationship between the neighbors and cannot believe in this.

  2, trust neighbors to trust each other, do not suspect.

Unwarranted suspicion often leads to contradictions between neighbors, and also brings troubles and depression to themselves.

Therefore, we must avoid unwarranted suspicion.

For example, if you have something in your home and you hear something, you must first understand the truth and don’t doubt and easily blame your neighbors.

  3, help the neighbors now have more elderly people at home, to help each other, take care of each other.

Old people with good physical strength should help the elderly with weak physical strength to do something, pay attention to taking care of the children, and clean the health; the elderly with culture should actively counsel the young people to learn, use their own behavior to influence education to help them, and do good things for the society;When it is difficult, you will also get help from your neighbors.

In this way, the neighbors can be harmonious and close to the family.

  4, courtesy of neighbors in daily life, there are many public facilities (such as aisles, courtyards, etc.), pay attention to courtesy, avoid crowding and robbing, without the other party accidentally improperly adjacent, do not care; in the case of their children and neighborsWhen a child has a dispute, he must first do his or her own work and guide them to actively resolve conflicts.

When encountering grandchildren and neighboring children quarreling and fighting, don’t rush to make facts about who is right or wrong, and don’t just blame others’ children. You should first clear the situation and then conduct positive education, focusing on educating yourself.Grandchildren.
In doing so, everyone will look in their eyes and keep it in mind.

These eating mistakes make you drink fat

These eating mistakes make you drink fat

Do not drink carbonated drinks, only drink 100% juice, dinner is replaced by green salad, this kind of meal should be thin enough, but the body is still like a small inflatable ball, how to see no thin consumption?

Unless it is genetic, the fat body that drinks water will definitely not do your thing.

Correct your wrong eating concept against the following items, and of course you will find it soon.

  Original yogurt vs. fruit yoghurt has always been regarded as the best meal for slimming and beauty. The rich lactic acid can even help to reproduce the digestive function of the intestines, promote the metabolism of waste in the body, and more and more fruit flavors.Appetite for girls who are both greedy and beautiful.

  With the endless stream of fruit yoghurt and fruity yoghurt, the original yoghurt is gradually unloved.

However, experts reminded that when you swallow the yogurt of the spoonful of strawberry fruit, you may have swallowed a lot of calories!

  Nutrition experts point out that milk-based yoghurt, in addition to manure and catabolism, is also rich in nutrients, but in order to taste the variability and deliciousness, more non-original yoghurt on the market is now added.Excess sugar and food coloring, the denaturation will also rise sharply.

For example, 3 cups of 200ml fruit yoghurt are quite similar to the conversion of two bowls of rice.

If you want to lose weight by drinking yoghurt, it is best to choose fresh fruit with high fiber quality and increase satiety, with low-fat plain yogurt, it will not be counterproductive, the more you eat more fat.

  Pure dark chocolate vs milk chocolate to eat chocolate will definitely gain weight?

of course not.

  For girls who are the most addicted to sweets, choose pure dark chocolate, which is healthier and slimmer than other desserts.

In Taiwan, someone who specializes in chocolate has pointed out that chocolate is an antioxidant. It is rich in many catechins and has anti-cancer and anti-aging effects. It will not affect the slimming effect of girls who love sweets.It can also help stabilize anxiety and reduce the desire and impulse to eat.

  The use of fresh fruits and vegetables in boiled vegetables and vegetables is indeed one of the effective solutions in diet control.

However, if you add too much condiment, it will easily make people trap the fat.

  The peanuts or walnuts sprinkled on the lettuce salad contain 400 calories per 100g.
The use of mayonnaise or salad dressing, which adds aroma and smoothness to the lettuce, is a small spoonful of up to 110 calories, which is much higher than the equivalent amount of chocolate.

  Girls who want to replace other foods in the main meal with green vegetables, directly eat raw food or boil in hot water, and then mix some salt, the slimming effect will be much more obvious.

  The blend of popcorn and corn soup is low, and low-molecular grain coarse grains are favored by slimming mm, with fibrous corn and, of course, guests on the weight-loss menu.

  Corn contains a lot of magnesium, which can strengthen the inherent peristalsis and help replace the excess water. It is the most suitable for edema type mm.

However, adding a lot of butter and seasonings to cook corn soup, but the enemy of slimming, transformation and sputum can not be underestimated, and the heated popcorn after the growth, due to accumulation, can quickly reduce the sense of obesity, after eatingInstant will not exceed the standard.

  Fresh fruit vs juice refers to freshly squeezed juice, which can really supplement the vitamin C and other nutrients needed by the human body, but juice is not the best choice for girls who are pursuing slimming effect.

  Nutritionists point out that juice can’t replace fresh fruit, even if it is freshly squeezed with 100% juice, there is no additive for any pigment, which is still relatively higher than fruit.

After the juice is squeezed, it is easy for someone to unconsciously over-excess, 1 cup of 300ml of orange juice, or even 6 large oranges can be squeezed out.

Moreover, drinking juice can not replenish the beneficial cellulose that is reduced in the fruit. In the process of pressing and chopping, many nutrients that are easily oxidized are also lost.

The fresh juice is still ripe, and the juice juice sold in the supermarket is not to mention.

  Taking 5 minutes a day and eating more than two fresh fruits is definitely the only way to stay sturdy.

  Clear soup hot pot vs hot hot pot a lot of mm will be confused, the food in the hot pot has not been fried and fried, almost boiled and boiled to eat, where is the high heat?

In fact, meat and pill foods inherently contain a lot of oil and salt. In order to make the soup fresh, many high-quality soup products will be added during the production process, which will increase the total calories of the hot pot.

When eating hot pot, in addition to the choice of low-fat and low-oil, the seasonings are also best to convert low-salt soy sauce with chopped green onion.

  The spicy hot pot has been mistaken by the girls as the bottom of the weight loss pot, because a large number of peppers can burn and transform, but the strong stimulation to the stomach is harmful to slimming.

Compared with the bottom of the pot, the bottom of the spicy pot is as high as 1800 cards, which is more than 6 times higher than the bottom of the ordinary 300-card clear soup pot!

Lifting 5 major sports mistakes, losing weight and speeding up

Lifting 5 major sports mistakes, losing weight and speeding up

Correct exercise allows you to lose your body.

If it is into a misunderstanding, it may become fattening!

Let’s take a look now to let you lose weight properly!

  Now the house is very lively, and everyone wants to get health and vitality in sports.

However, in the process of fitness, many people will interfere with the “misunderstanding”, resulting in half the effort.

  Instrument training and well water do not make river water “actually the results of the two forms are basically the same.

“The coach pointed out that male jumping can also improve heart and lung function, softness and coordination.

Training through equipment can not only train basic qualities such as endurance and speed, but also improve body size and vitality.

  Women practicing equipment will become thick and strong women ask questions, will women practice equipment become thick and strong?

In fact, small weight and multiple trainings are not only difficult to grow muscles, but also redundant.

Excessive androgen in women, excessive estrogen, and poor muscle synthesis, reasonable equipment training will only make the body more beautiful.

  After practicing aerobics, you can practice aerobics and body, but many women feel that the training results are not satisfactory: the lower limbs become strong and strong, but the key parts such as shoulders, chest and back that reflect the beauty of the body are not exercised.

The coach pointed out that the body should use the equipment to do targeted exercise, which can change the relative angle of the bones, such as making the bust bigger, smaller, shoulder wide, hips up, only reasonable exercise of various parts of the body, body shape can be obviousimprove.

  The temporary coach who cuts where to practice tells us that moderate and reasonable equipment training can effectively carry out anaerobic metabolism and aerobic metabolism to achieve the purpose of weight loss.

“Moderate” means that the exercise performed in each training should not exceed the body load; “reasonable” refers to the scientific training of muscles in various parts of the body, rather than simply training the muscles of a certain part.

  More sweating, more fat loss “more sweating and more fat reduction” misunderstanding has caused many aerobics trainers to “jump” non-stop.

Studies have shown that a large amount of perspiration is highly prone to collapse.

Simple sweating can not effectively lose weight, and an appropriate amount of equipment training can achieve good results.

What is the best whitening product recommended for whitening?

What is the best whitening product recommended for whitening?

Tomato honey whitening this whitening formula can be used for both face and hand whitening.

Especially acne skin, can effectively remove greasy, prevent infection, make the skin fair and delicate.

Formula: half a tomato, honey amount.

Usage: The tomato can be simmered into tomato juice and then added with a proper amount of honey to stir it into a paste.

Apply evenly to face or hands and leave for about 15 minutes.

Is it recommended to do 1 per week?
2 times.

Vegetable whitening will be green pepper, big cucumber, quarter bitter gourd, celery, green apple, etc. into a beauty vegetable juice to drink, such vegetable juice has enough vitamin C inside, very effective for whitening.

Vinegar egg whitening take a fresh egg, wash and dry, add 500 ml of high quality vinegar and soak for one month.

After the eggshell is dissolved in the vinegar, take a small spoonful of solution into a cup of boiling water, stir and take it, one cup a day.

Long-term use of vinegar and egg liquid can make the skin smooth and delicate, and remove all dark spots on the face.

Pearl powder whitening effect: whitening effect is remarkable, it has a good nourishing effect on the skin.

Practice: Take 3 scoops of pearl powder, a grinded dimension E, and then mix it with pure water to make a paste.

Apply the face, after 20 minutes, wash with pure water.

Fresh fruit whitening effect: whitening, hydrating, very suitable for summer use.

 Practice: Add peeled lemon, apple, banana, longan and other fresh fruit to the juicer and squeeze it into juice.

Then take one of the raw eggs, break, drop the egg white, mix thoroughly, and pour into a mud.

Apply evenly over face and neck. After 20 minutes, rinse off with pure water.

You must know how to maintain this knowledge in meridians.

You must know how to maintain this knowledge in meridians.

Gallbladder: Let your hair black and bright start at the midpoint of the top, stretch straight along the thigh, and end at the bottom of the toe.

When the secretion of bile is insufficient, the human body cannot effectively break down the oil in the food, and the hair will overflow the oil, especially in the summer.

Therefore, it is recommended that you beat the gallbladder every day, 200 feet left and right, to increase the rate of bile secretion, so that the hair is healthy and black.

In addition, knocking on the gallbladder can also help the thighs discharge the aunts stacked on the outside, so that you can wear a short skirt!

Bladder: Let you remember that the bladder begins with the Baihui point at the top of the head, and extends to the back, buttocks, and at the heel.

In general, Chinese medicine believes that the bladder starts from the waist with a real function, so you only need to hit the lower body.

Frequent beats on the bladder can improve the blood supply to the brain, stimulate the activity of the brain’s nerve cells, and improve your memory.

From 15:00 to 17:00 pm is the running time of the bladder. At that time, it can effectively reduce the “noon” and make your energy extraordinarily abundant!

Stomach Meridian: Let your face white and red stomach start from the clavicle, smooth breast, cross the abdomen, to the front of the legs, stop at the fourth toe.

The blood supply to the face mainly depends on the stomach, the gloss of the face, and the elasticity of the skin are related to the blood supply to the stomach.

If the black man suddenly wrinkles, it is probably caused by the qi and blood deficiency of the stomach.

The best time to beat the stomach is from 7 am to 9 am. If you insist on tapping, you will find that your face is red and white, until you stay up all night, and you won’t catch too much.

Large intestine: Help you detoxify the large intestine from the Yingxiang point next to the nose, through the neck, penetrate the arm, stop at the tip of the index finger.

Frequently beat the large intestine, can clear the intestines and lungs, make you metabolically smooth, have a strong detoxification effect, make your skin smooth, fresh breath!

The action time of the large intestine is from 5 am to 7 am. It is recommended that you beat the large intestine before breakfast to help the body metabolize the toxins deposited in the body at night.

San Jiao Jing: Let your immunity improve the growth of the three Jiao Jiao from the growth of the crow’s feet in the corner of the eye, and stop at the ring finger.

The San Jiao Jing is the general commander of the human health function, which enables all the organs to cooperate smoothly and in unison.

Frequently knocking on the three Jiaojing, can improve the body’s immunity, so that you no longer have a small illness.

The running time of Sanjiaojing is from 21:00 to 23:00. It is recommended that you try to drink less water before tapping. The Sanjiao Jing is also in charge of running water, and the body fluid deposition is too much, which will make you feel swollen eyelids the next morning.

Pericardium: Let you eat not fat from the outer side of the nipple one inch of the Tianchi point, to the tip of the middle fingertips, for the pericardium.

The beginning of the pericardium is at the periphery of the heart. The pericardium that the Chinese medicine says is a layer of film outside the heart. When the evil is invaded, the pericardium is blocked in front of the heart, which can protect it.

Often beat the pericardium, in addition to improving the heart function, let your breathing and blood flow overcome the force, there is a certain fat reduction effect.

From 19:00 to 21:00 in the evening, it is the running time of the pericardium. If you beat the pericardium after dinner, the vertical and smooth accumulation of blood in the blood will replace the body, speed up the metabolism of food in the body, even if you eat a lot, don’t worry about getting fat.

Heart Sutra: The most accurate self-examination of the heart begins at the arm, ending at the tip of the little finger and penetrating the upper arm.

Specific detection method: first straighten your hand forward, after 15 seconds, tilt 45 degrees, 10 seconds, then raise the arm vertically, if your blood is rapidly flowing, the veins disappear, indicating that your index is normal, do not have toHealth concerns, if the veins disappear slowly, indicating that you are fatigued and continue to decompress, I suggest you take a chance to sleep.

Small intestine: Start with a slender arm and a small intestine through the corner of the eye into the eye hole at half an inch, through the cheeks, neck, stretch arms, and stop at the tip of the little finger.

The function of the small intestine is digestion and absorption. If its function is weakened, loose flesh will appear on the arm. It is recommended to knead the small intestine.

The method is to raise your hands and pinch the bones with your fingers. It is better to have a slight pain.

Often do this, the small intestine passes through the muscles of the nearby muscles, and you can safely wear a halter top and show your body.

Lung Sutra: Let your skin no longer dry. A straight line from the scapula depression, inserting the arm into the end, to the end of the thumb, is the human lung.

“Lung main fur”, often beat the lungs at the same time, to ensure that at least 1500 ml of water per day, so that water can run through the lungs to the dermis, so that your skin is no longer dry.

When hitting the lungs, from the upper arm to the top of the wrist, you can use a half-empty punch. Because the palm area is small, from the wrist to the thumb, it is recommended that you insert it with the thumb of the other hand.

In addition, from 3 am to 5 am, it is the period of lung operation. It is reasonable to say that the knocking effect is the best. If you do not want to disturb your sweet sleep, you can beat the lungs as the first lesson of morning exercise.

Eclipta nourishing and prolonging

Eclipta nourishing and prolonging

Eclipta grass is also called ink grass, its cold, sweet, sour, functional nourishing Yin and kidney, cooling blood to stop bleeding, suitable for liver and kidney yin vertigo, must be early white, vomiting blood, blood, blood, blood in the stool, bring down, turbid, etc.

Eclipta prostrata contains saponins, volatile oils, residual substances, vitamin A, and stamens.

  Early pharmacological studies suggest that it restores the weight of the degenerating immune organs to normal and grows higher cellular and humoral immune functions.

The reduction of immune function is the primary cause of illness and aging in the body.

The effect of Eclipta prostrata on immune function may be its pharmacological basis for fitness, nourishing, and prolonged years.

Eclipta prostrata as a supplement can be adjusted according to the following usage and formula.

  Dry lotus ginger honey juice: fresh Eclipta prostrata, remove impurities, wash, chopped, smashed, put into a sterile gauze bag, squeeze the juice, add honey and ginger to make a paste.

The dosage can be determined.

Take 2-3 small spoons each time, 2 times a day.

You can use warm boiled water or a small amount of warm yellow wine to serve.

It can treat hair whiteness caused by kidney deficiency.

  Eclipta honey juice: fresh Eclipta juice and honey are mixed evenly in equal amounts, each serving 20 ml, 3-4 times a day, can be used to treat diphtheria.

  Eclipta five sons: Eclipta prostrata, Schisandra, Dodder, Baiziren 10 grams each, female scorpion, scorpion each 20 grams, set in a casserole with water for 20 minutes, take juice, 1 dose per day, can even take 5-7th.

It can treat dizziness, vertigo, insomnia, and more dreams caused by liver and kidney deficiency. It must be early white, and the waist and knees are sore.

  The above prescriptions are contraindicated in cases of dyspepsia caused by spleen and stomach weakness, diarrhea and other symptoms.

The best way to cherish life is not to maintain health, but to manage emotions.

The best way to cherish life is not to maintain health, but to manage emotions.

Recently, there is a saying that is very popular: emotional illness, will become a new type of cancer.

I changed it before, I will not believe it until the day when Alan was in trouble.

Alan is a mother of a second-line town. She suffered from cancer in the fifth year after marriage without warning.

Going to the psychotherapist once, the therapist asked her what is her biggest wish in her life?

She only replied: “I hope that I have a home of my own, only with my husband and children, not too big, it doesn’t take long, just give me a few months.” Before I was sick, my mother-in-law disliked her for a while.Petting a child, she said that she was doing housework and slashing.

She has mentioned several times to bring her own, but there is no result, telling herself that “forbearance and forbearance will pass.”

One forbearance is five years.

The uncomfortable and depressed feelings accumulated in your heart for many years, you may have forgotten, but the body will always remember.

Alan is like this, until the late stage of cancer, I found out that my heart is sick.

There have been investigations showing that if there are frequent quarrels between husband and wife, the cold war will kill twice as much as the average person; if you and your child often have conflicts, the death tragedy may be much higher. because of all yourAnxiety, depression, anger, and sadness will weaken your immune system and turn into insomnia, headache, stomach, gout and even cancer to hurt you, so that you can’t escape.

Some people will say that I occasionally make a small temper, what is the relationship?

But the truth is that the unconscious emotion is the invisible killer in life.

Have you encountered the following situations?

If someone doesn’t immediately reply to your WeChat, you are worried that you are wrong.

When people are too long, they dare not say their own opinions. The meeting will always sit in the corner.

Although I love children very much, I often say: I have worked hard to raise you, why are you not obedient?

How do you see other people’s home XXX. If you are like this, then be careful.

Being too concerned about other people’s eyes can lead to bad emotions inwardly attacking, and blaming others will make them timid and worried, and will never get inner satisfaction.

These invisible emotions have been accumulating in the dark, just like a lesion.

In the long run, it will dominate your behavior and even affect your personality and temperament.

She is “the woman most in need of this era”. Yu Yuming’s mother once had an emotional breakdown, but she was quickly saved by her in the “emotional avalanche”. At 10 o’clock, she never saw a person with such a high management mood – Hailan, the most in this era.Need a woman.

Hailan’s father did not meet his talents, but he graduated from Peking University and was sent to work as a coal worker.

The young sea blue became the object of the father’s venting emotions: everything is cautious, for fear of doing something wrong, but in any case, it is inevitable that he will be beaten by his father.
Under this kind of native family, Hailan has a strong perception of people with emotions.

But she did not fall into the shadow of the past, but instead made up her mind that she could no longer let others suffer emotional misfortunes.

Don’t donate money.

Hailan became a double-degree female doctor in medicine and psychology.

After attending a medical doctorate, he also loaned $100,000 to specialize in psychology at Vanderbilt University, the third-ranked nationwide.

In 2008, when her daughter was 10 years old, she decided to take the lead and transform the team to provide psychological relief for nearly 100,000 teachers and students in the disaster area. It was rooted in the Wenchuan earthquake zone for three years.

Even the annual flower armor, Hailan continues to share her emotional experience, and the footprints are all over the “Women in the World”, “Psychological Interview”, “Interview with Yang Lan”, “Reducing My Life” and other major programs.

Even Yang Yan, Zhou Guoping, Xu Xiaoping, Yu Minhong, Yu Dan, Qiu Wei and other 50 celebrities were amazed at her.

Yu Yuming’s mother also regarded her as an expensive person.

Ten years ago, Yu Yuming suffered an accident while filming. 39% of the body was burned and had to lie in the hospital for 2 years.

Yu Yuming was hospitalized for more than 800 days, and her mother took care of him 800 days and nights.

When a person is waiting, the picture of her son’s burn accident is like a movie in her mind. She is worried that this will go down. Is Yu Yuming going to die?

Under the guidance of Dr. Hailan, she learned to adjust her mood and get along with her son with a positive and optimistic attitude.

It is said that the happiness of a family depends to a large extent on the mother’s emotional cultivation.

It was the mother’s stable mood that gave Yu Haoming the courage to let him recover the most difficult time, step out of the trough and resurrect with blood.
“Don’t let your love become a debt.” She used a word to solve the deep contradictions between husband and wife, often wrapped in short coats of parents, but with devastating power.
Some time ago, a female executive, Xiaoli, came to Dr. Hailan. She still had a few tears to grab the serial port: “I have a high income and bear most of my expenses.

My husband’s house is bought by me. His family is sick and I also pay for it. The housework is for me, the child is my manager. I pay so much to him, but he is getting colder and colder to me.I want to quarrel as soon as I speak.

After hearing this, Dr. Hailan sighed and taught Xiao Li, who had eliminated the emotions.

In emotional management, there is a very common mental model called the “debt mode”.

Dr. Hailan said: “No one of us does not love family with all our heart.

But if you pay every time, you think that the other party should return yourself, this is to lend money to others.

In the house, you owe me a sum of money; help you wash your clothes, you owe me a sum of money; help you with housework, you owe me a sum. Over time, women will inevitably feel extraordinarily wrong, because they alwaysI feel that it is “the other party owes me.”

The “credit mode” is the source of pain in interpersonal communication.

Even if the other person is your parents, children, siblings or loved ones, once they feel that they owe you anything, they will instinctively avoid this burden.

Because no one wants to be a debtor in an intimate relationship.

“Xiao Li wants to understand this from the source, and the problem is solved. When she helps her husband to seize it, she will not treat herself as a creditor. She will give him a worry because of love. Leave a fixed time to himself every day.When I can’t control it, I can use the peeling onion method taught by Dr. Hailan to eliminate the emotion. After three months, the frequency of the quarrel between Xiaoli and the couple has dropped sharply, and the living state is completely different.

The husband began to help Xiaoli to cook and cook. The two also went out to play together on weekends. In the past few days, they were still in the circle of friends, and they were more than one grade sweeter than before.

Stable emotions are the highest self-cultivation of a woman. When she is married, after we start a career, we are used to being unhappy, but in the face of emotions, like a vulnerable child, I don’t know how to be good.

At the age of 20, we asked: How to become more confident and dare to express your views aloud?

Parents don’t understand themselves and feel very painful. What should I do?

Have to give up a person you like, how to heal yourself?

At the age of 30, we asked: How to face the bad emotions of your lover without quarreling?

In front of the child, how do you manage yourself when you are angry and lose your temper?

How to ease the huge worry caused by the imbalance of life and work?

At the age of 40, we asked: Young subordinates are more and more capable, how can they not be abandoned by the times?

Occasionally, I want to vent my emotions, too impulsive to affect the image, but I feel even more uncomfortable in my heart. I don’t dare to get sick, I don’t dare to relax, what can I do to ease the pressure on the old?

In fact, between you and a happy woman, there is only one emotional class.

People who know how to manage their emotions can know what work is more suitable for themselves. In the face of important choices in life, know how to choose. You can know how to become a confident person, how to manage parent-child relationship and intimate relationship, and drive your loved ones.Start.

Just take action and start learning emotional management today.

A thousand miles begins with a single step.

Don’t let the emotions really become the “cancer” of the relationship, only regret it!

The ear massage is good, how should I touch it?

The ear massage is good, how should I touch it?

In the work gap, or on the way to and from work, take a look at the ear, pull it, take only a few minutes a day, can eliminate or disappear the body’s alternative symptoms, but also make people refreshed, refreshed, fatigue eliminated.

  The first is to rub the auricle.

Rubbing the front and back of the auricle more than 10 times before and after the palm of the hand, this can play a role in the health of the whole body, and can clear the meridians and invigorate the organs.

Then, use the thumb and forefinger to rub the ear wheel part up and down for more than 10 times. Don’t look at the simple method. It is effective for relieving the common neck, shoulder, waist, leg pain, headache, and dizziness of office workers.

  After the friction is completed, the upper and lower ears are pulled up.

Use your thumb and forefinger to lift the tip of the ear for more than 10 times. This method has calmness, pain relief, antipyretic, and clear brain effect on people with emotional irritability or illness. Then use your thumb and index finger to pinch the earlobe down.Extremely squatting, and rubbing the earlobe more than 10 times, can be complications of dizziness, vertigo, myopia, tinnitus, ulcers, chloasma, etc., is a beauty method.

  Finally, a “total mobilization” of the whole ear is carried out: the ear canal is rubbed from the auricular triangle of the index finger, and the ear armor cavity is used for more than 10 times to make it fever. This method has a good health effect on the internal organs.
  In addition, it is also possible to prevent certain diseases by targeted massage of specific parts.

  Such as the thumb, index finger knead the tragus, so that it has a painful feeling, can prevent headache, dizziness, insomnia and other cerebrovascular diseases, cranial nerve diseases; massage the base of the ear with the index finger pad, can cause colds, rhinitis, pharyngitis, palpitation, headache, dizziness, etc.; rubbing the back of the ear with the index finger to make the heat, can lower blood pressure, clear the brain, eyesight; insert the middle finger into the ear hole, the fingertips forward squeeze friction heat, cough inflammation, rhinitis,A cold, etc.

Improper dieting, thin people also suffer from liver disease!

Improper dieting, thin people also suffer from liver disease!

After a long and hot summer, the body consumes a lot of energy and eats instead. Therefore, in the autumn when the speed is gradually low, it is necessary to adjust the body and also store energy for the arrival of the cold winter.

People often neglect the requirements of daily diet because of the fast-paced life. Many people are just satisfied with simply eating, just ignoring the reasonable mix of nutrition.

  A fast food bottle of pure water, a cola cola may occasionally lie to our stomach, but this often often poses a threat to health.

Life Family Xiaobian specially collects all kinds of dietary health information suitable for this fall, so that you and your family can be healthy and happy every day!

  We are often wondering why some very thin people have unfortunate livers and even sudden high blood pressure.

If you look at these things, you will know that there are people who have “thin and thin fat inside.”

  According to foreign media reports, some doctors now think that the aunts in the heart, liver or chronic organs that are invisible to the naked eye may be as dangerous as the external aunts under the skin.

If it is as the doctors say, then many people with slim appearances may also be surrounded by trouble.

  Dr. Jimmy Bell, professor of molecular imaging at Imperial College London, said: “Slimness doesn’t mean you are not jealous.

“Since 1994, Bell and his team used an MRI scanner to scan nearly 800 people and compiled a “fecal chart” to show where people stored feces.

The data they have shown show that people who keep their bodies by dieting rather than exercise, although they look slim, may have a lot of uncles stacked inside.

  The study was funded by the British Medical Council.

Bell said: “The concept of obesity needs to be redefined.

“What worries these doctors is that there are no clear warning signs that some slim people may be confused by the fact that they are not overweight and mistakenly believe that they are very healthy.”

Dr. Lewis Tedholtz, director of cardiovascular science at Hackensack Hospital in New Jersey, did not participate in Bell’s leadership research. He said: “Some people just because they are thin and do not make them affected by diabetes or other cardiovascular risk factors.

“Those who have a normal body mass index may have amazing levels of aunts in their bodies.”

The body mass index is a measure of obesity, equal to the weight (monthly) divided by the height (m) of the square.

A scan of women by Bell and his colleagues found that 45% of people with normal body mass index outbreaks (20-25) were actually rich in too many aunts.

This percentage of men is nearly 60%.

Bell will take this phenomenon as “TOFIs” (people who are thinner and fatter) who find that people who have this condition rarely have a healthy body.

He said: “The thinner people are, their awareness will participate.

The researchers even found people who were thin and fat in the middle of professional models.

According to Bell, the unfortunate appearance of people’s internal organs is in fact a superfluous beginning.

They eat too much greasy, sugary food, but they don’t do enough exercise to completely consume them, and they don’t eat enough food to make them really obese.

Scientists believe that we will naturally accumulate sputum around the stomach, but for other reasons, the body may begin to accumulate sputum elsewhere.

Most experts now believe that maintaining normal weight is a good health indicator, and body mass index is a reliable indicator.

Doctors are currently unable to determine the precise risk of internal adults, but some suspect it increases the risk of heart disease and diabetes.

They infer that the internal aunt disrupted the body’s information delivery system.

The tinyness of the body inside the package may give the body a wrong chemical signal, allowing it to be stored in internal organs such as the liver or starch.

This condition eventually leads to high blood pressure resistance, type 2 diabetes or high blood pressure.

  Experts have long known that people who are thin, do not like sports are divided, obese, and people who love sports are healthier.

Dr. Steven Blair, an obesity expert at the University of South Carolina, said: “The proportion of people who are normal but sedentary and unhealthy is at a higher risk of death than those who are active and healthy.

“Bell said, for example, a swollen, sturdy sumo wrestler may have better metabolic abilities than some slim, sedentary spectators.”

This is because the wrestler’s aunt is mainly piled under the skin, not wrapped around their vital organs and muscles.

But the good news is that you can easily consume this internal aunt by exercising or improving your eating habits.

  Experts say there is no shortcut to want to have health.

Bell said: “If you want to look slimmer, dieting may be fine.

But if you want to have health, exercise must be an important part of life.”

You must know the hazards of male kidney stones.

You must know the hazards of male kidney stones.


Local lesions are small to many small moving stones, local tissue damage is only a slight degree; volume reduction and staghorn shape, will produce fibrous tissue proliferation, neutrophils, ulcers and lymphocytic infiltration, leading to renal fibrosis andRenal and renal pelvic epithelial cell replacement.


Kidney damage Long-term kidney stones gradually appear hydronephrosis, dysuria, excessive pressure on the upper part of the obstruction, reduced blood flow to the kidneys, leading to kidney atrophy, renal failure, tubular necrosis, and even loss of kidney function.


Urinary tract obstruction Urinary tract obstruction is not only the main factor of secondary renal damage, but also the most common secondary damage of kidney stones.

Urinary tract obstruction can present symptoms of localized water above the obstruction.

Kidney stones can cause obstruction more than local pressure, excessive hydronephrosis, obstructed urination, and reduced blood flow to the kidneys.

For the common diseases of kidney stones, the damage is still very huge.

The kidney is a very important internal organ and does not allow for a small problem.

Because; the embankment of a thousand miles, destroyed in the ant hole, frozen three feet is not a cold day.

The patient still has to go to a professional hospital to completely treat the disease, so as to avoid the disease.

Urinary calculi can be found in any part of the kidney, bladder, ureter and urethra. It is one of the common urological diseases. The urinary tract disease is more common in men than in women.

Urinary urinary tract calculi caused by urinary tract obstruction and infection, breakthrough in renal function damage, the systemic effect is more serious, serious life-threatening.

According to the experts of the hospital: In general, the stones are small, less than 4 mm can be discharged by drugs, and the chance of self-discharge is less than 6 mm. The smaller the chance of stone displacement, the minimally invasive surgery is recommended.