[Sexually transmitted lymphogranuloma is caused by this reason]_Cause_Inducement

[Sexually transmitted lymphogranuloma is caused by this reason]_Cause_Inducement

Sexually transmitted lymphogranuloma is one of the sexually transmitted diseases. It mainly occurs in male and female genital areas, causing blisters on the skin of the genital area. It is very harmful to the body and can be transmitted through sexual behavior. Usually, it is caused by sexual intercourse.Caused by cleanliness or excessive sexual partner changes.

The causative agent of the pathogenic pathogenic lymphogranuloma is the serotypes L1, L2, and L3 among 15 serotypes of C. trachomatis.

Compared with other serotypes, the L type is more aggressive.

It is mainly transmitted through sexual contact, occasionally through contamination or accidental transmission through experiments.

Before the millennium liberation and early liberation, the disease was common.

Since 1991, sporadic cases have been reported in some areas.

Dozens of cases were reported annually until 2001, but serological tests or culture confirmation of the reported cases.

Clinical manifestations 1.

Have a history of unclean sex during the incubation period. The incubation period is 5?
21 days.


Early symptoms of early sores mostly occur in the male penis body, glans, coronal sulcus and foreskin, female vaginal vestibule, labia minora, vaginal opening, and urethral opening 5?
6mm small blister, pimples, erosions, ulcers, often rupture, sometimes several, no obvious symptoms, no healing for several days, no scars after healing.


Intermediate symptoms of first sores appear?
After 4 weeks, male inguinal lymphadenopathy (pain), pain, tenderness, adhesion, fusion, and “groove sign” can be seen (inguinal ligament separates the enlarged lymph nodes up and down, and the skin shows a groove shape).

After several weeks, the lymph nodes softened and ruptured, and the yellow serous fluid or bloody pus was discharged, forming multiple cystic tubes, like a “spouting bottle”, which did not heal for several months, leaving residual traces after healing.

The first ulcers in women often occur in the lower part of the vagina, which reflux to the iliac and rectal lymph nodes, causing lymphadenitis, proctitis, and correction of peripheral inflammation. Clinically, there may be blood in the stool, abdominal pain, diarrhea, acute aftermath, and low back pain, forming anal swelling.Cystic tube, retinal diameter and size of labia majora.


After several years or decades of advanced symptoms, long-term repetitive inguinal lymphadenitis can cause elephantiasis and correct fractures.


Symptoms of lymphadenopathy Symptoms may include chills, high fever, joint pain, fatigue, and hepatosplenomegaly.

There are also erythema polymorpha, nodular erythema, conjunctivitis, aseptic arthritis, and pseudomeningitis.

Check 1.

Serum antibody detection mainly includes micro-immunofluorescence test and enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay.

The detection of high titers of Chlamydia trachomatis is of great significance in the diagnosis of the disease.


Chlamydia culture, antigen detection method, nucleic acid detection method Chlamydia culture is the most specific method to diagnose the disease, but the sensitivity is not high.

Antigen detection methods, such as enzyme immunoassay, are extended, but not sensitive.

Nucleic acid detection is very sensitive and specific, and can also be used for laboratory testing of the disease.

[Pork keel and ribs are good]_How to compare_How to distinguish

[Pork keel and ribs are good]_How to compare_How to distinguish

Pork keel and pork ribs are both bones of pigs. Their nutritional effects are very good. If you only consider from the nutritional value, pig keel may be better, but from the taste and some cooking methods, it can be said thatThe two ingredients are comparable, and you can choose your favorite method according to your taste. When making pork keel soup or pork rib soup, it takes a little longer to help health care.

Pork keel and pork ribs are good1. Try to use pork ribs when cooking soup. We heard that many restaurants always boast that their soup is authentic big bone broth. So, what kind of soup are used for cooking?

When we boil bone soup, try to add spare ribs, because there is a lot of calcium on the ribs, but not a lot of meat, so the tediousness of picking meat is eliminated, and the soup is also delicious and abnormal.

2. Pork ribs are suitable for leisure time. Most people often cook a pot of soup with delicious ribs to taste in leisure time. Generally, keel is not used.

This is because there is very little meat on the ribs and it takes patience to eat. This can not only sharpen the time, but also taste delicious, two-pronged.

And the pork ribs are very chewy and suitable for people to eat.

3. The keel is more suitable for nourishing the keel. In fact, the keel is the back of the pig. The lean meat on the top is basically lean meat, so a small amount of distribution changes.Into very delicious food.

Many Italian celebrity chefs like to use keel for cooking. It is also possible to use small ingredients.

4. There are many keel bones and great nutrition. If it is hard to say who has the nutritional value between the keel and ribs, then the keel must prevail.

Because the keel skeleton is cracked, a large amount of bone marrow is stored therein, and the microcosm is exactly the ingredient of Dabu.

Therefore, when we take care of patients, we generally use the microcosms in the keel to nourish the body.

In fact, there are many babies in pigs, but many people are just a simple food, and they know nothing about the pork.

When we need to make a delicious meal ourselves, we should choose different meat quality.

The following is a brief analysis of the differences between keel and ribs and their benefits.

[Men and women have to change so many poses in a year]

[Men and women have to change so many poses in a year]

How many postures would an ordinary person try in his lifetime?

Although the wisdom and wisdom of the ancients left us a wealth of historical data in this regard, for ordinary people, there are limits to both physical limits and appreciation of taste.

Three to five, and most people will not experience more than this number.

The struggle between men and women does not stop during sex. Does anyone say-sex is like another kind of war between men and women?

The man said, I like this; the woman said, I don’t want this; the man said, let’s try this; the woman said, why should I try this?

It’s not that men and women like to compete, not that they are born with their sexual preferences and knowledge like two creatures.

In the position of sexual life, sometimes women are conservative, because women still have more moral concerns than men in sexual life, and she will think a lot about the definition of morality.

Sometimes she becomes a rebel, because a woman’s nature likes to pursue change and fresh things. If only one position is used for one year, it is better to keep her from spending time with men.


[What is the soup for the third trimester]_Pregnancy_Female

[What is the soup for the third trimester]_Pregnancy_Female

The entire pregnancy is important for women, and pregnant women need to add a lot of nutrition.

Light food is the main thing to eat, so many mothers will supplement the nutrition by drinking soup, so some soup is suitable for drinking during pregnancy?

Drinking soup during pregnancy is also very particular about anything that may cause miscarriage. Do not touch it. Let’s take a look at this soup for drinking in the third trimester.

Pregnant women can cook some soup and drink it. Pregnant women supplement soups that are generally rich in protein, vitamins, calcium, iron, zinc, amino acids and other nutrients, so most pregnant women.

Both themselves and their families will learn some soup recipes to supplement pregnant women.

So what kind of soup can pregnant women drink?

Papaya carp soup ingredients: 300 grams of carp meat, 500 grams of winter melon, 20 grams of Shaoxing wine, 5 grams of onion, 2 grams of ginger, 2 grams of monosodium glutamate, monosodium glutamate, and salad oil.

Practice: 1. Wash and cut the fish into pieces, add wine, salt for 15 minutes 2. Warm oil and sauté the ginger and green onion. Add the right amount of water and stir-fry the yellow croaker. Lower the heat for 25 minutes.Fry for 8 minutes, sprinkle with pepper and MSG.

Efficacy: Carp is sweet, flat, diuretic and swollen, calms birth, detoxifies, and relieves cough.

Melon, light and cool, has the effect of clearing away heat and thirst, expectorant and diuretic.

This product has good spleen and stomach and edema, and is most suitable for pregnant women.

In particular, carp is a hair product that is not suitable for people with chronic diseases.

Those who are weak should also eat less.

What soup is suitable for pregnant women? The drink soup in the middle of pregnancy mainly has the effect of refreshing, reconciliation, and effects on fetal development, so pregnant women who want to drink soup should start from these aspects.

Pork rib soup ingredients: 150 grams of soybeans, 600 grams of pork ribs, kohlrabi, ginger, one, roughly salt.

Practice: 1. Wash the soybeans, soak the soybeans in water for half an hour and wash them out for later use; 2. Put a pot of cold water into the ginger, and the ginger can be fishy.

After cooking in the ribs over high heat, cook for a few minutes; 3, rinse and cut into 3-4 cm long ribs, ribs; 4, boil water, add pork ribs, ginger and soaked soybeans, boil for 20 minutes, turn to low and a halfHours, sprinkle with onion, season with salt and serve.

Review: This soup is rich in high-quality protein, calcium and vitamins. Minerals are good for high blood pressure brain and bone development.

Astragalus bass soup ingredients: double bass, astragalus 6 money, 8 jujube, 2 ginger.

Practice: 1. Wash all the ingredients first, denucleate the jujube, prepare one ginger and cut two for later use; 2. Heat the pan, fry the ginger slices first, then add the bass to fry until the sides are pale golden yellow; 3. Put in the panPut in Baman water, wait for about 20 minutes after the water rolls into all the materials, and then simmer for about two hours to complete.

Review: This soup not only has a therapeutic effect, but also has a good taste. It can treat edema, fetal movement, and can also qi and blood.

DHA and EPA can help HIV brain development.

[Qiao noodle jelly practice Daquan _ detailed method of buckwheat jelly]

[Qiao noodle jelly practice Daquan _ detailed method of buckwheat jelly]

Buckwheat noodles are a common thing in life. It is one of the grains. It has many benefits for people’s health, and it also brings rich nutrients. It is good for people’s physical supplement.The benefits are usually for the wall surface to make some pastries or buns, but some people put the wall surface into buckwheat jelly.

This is a kind of appetizing jelly that is very delicious for human body.

So what should buckwheat jelly be made of?

Let’s take a look at the detailed method of buckwheat jelly.

How to stir jiaomai jelly 1 material Noodles: 4 cups of jiaomai noodles, salt, water Seasoning: 2 seaweed, 1/2 cucumber, 1/2 carrot Carrot sauce: soy sauce, chopped green onion, mashed garlic, Sesame, mustard, vinegar.

Method 1) Put salt water in 4 cups of joe noodles, roll out the noodles in the noodle press, cook them in boiling water, and then rinse them in cold water and float them in the basket.

2) Make noodle sauce.

3) Cut carrots and cucumbers into shreds and shred them into seaweed.

4) Put the noodles in a noodle bowl, and then put carrots, cucumbers and laver on top, and season with sauce.

5) Add mustard, sugar, and vinegar according to your own preferences.

6) You can consider eating noodles, or you can use kimchi soup, noodle soup, and broth noodles.

* Jiaomai noodles are made without peeling and grinding into noodles, so they are a bit rough and are called noodles.

Method 2 Ingredients Ingredients Buckwheat starch 1 bowl of water 4 bowls Step 1.

Buckwheat starch 1 bowl 2.

1 bowl of starch and 1 bowl of water, mix evenly, just block 3.

After 3 bowls of water are boiled in the pot, pour the mixed starch paste and stir 4 while pouring.

Stir over high heat until there is no raw powder or lumps in the pot.

Container with sesame oil, non-stick 6.

Pour the jelly powder into container 7.

After drying, turn it upside down, stir and fry.

Practice three ① peeling.

First, peel the buckwheat, dust it, and sieve off the noodles to leave the dumplings.

② crispy.

Use a rice bowl to press 14 bowls of buckwheat ravioli, stir in a small amount of water every 15 minutes, and become soft. ③ Knead.

Knead the buckwheat ravioli at the top repeatedly, mix well and leave for about 9 hours.

④ cooked.

Prepare seven-face dish water, pour into the pot and boil, add an appropriate amount of alkali noodles, pour the precipitated buckwheat wonton into the pot and heat it for one hour.

⑤ Cool tone.

The dried jelly powder is shredded with special jelly powder, and salt, vinegar, minced garlic, monosodium glutamate, chili oil, soy sauce and other spices are added to form a cool and refreshing flavor snack.

Jelly jelly can also be cut into strips. In winter, it can also be fried in a pan, and can be dried in the sun.

Dried jelly can be chilled or fried for soup.

Cool and refreshing after eating, increase appetite, refreshing and refreshing, at the same time have the effect of lowering blood lipids and lowering blood pressure.

[Can cherries and crabs be eaten together]_Food conditioning_Eating taboos

[Can cherries and crabs be eaten together]_Food conditioning_Eating taboos

Cherries are a particularly popular fruit and a fruit that can supplement the body with various nutrients.

Of course, although cherries are delicious and have high nutritional value, there are still many things to pay attention to when eating cherries. For example, cherries cannot be eaten with crabs, and eating them at the same time can cause poisoning in consumers.phenomenon.

In addition, cherries cannot be eaten with carrots, cucumbers, animal livers, etc.

First, cherries cannot be eaten with fish and crabs. Common cherries contain vitamin C and other ingredients. Crabs and crabs contain a lot of calcium. Generally, vitamin C is equivalent to crabs and crabs. It may cause poisoning and cause severe discomfort. Be careful not to eatTake a comprehensive look.

Second, cherries cannot be eaten with carrots. Carrots contain vitamin C decomposing enzymes, and cherries just contain a lot of vitamin C. If eaten at the same time, the vitamins in cherries will be destroyed and the nutritional value of carrots will be reduced. In this case, thisNeither kind of food can fulfill its full effect.

Third, cherries cannot eat cucumbers and carrots together with cucumbers. When cherries and cucumbers are consumed at the same time, the vitamins in cherries will be destroyed and the nutritional value of cucumbers will be reduced.

Fourth, cherries cannot be eaten with animal liver. Animal viscera contains a lot of mineral ions such as iron and copper. Although cherries also contain these ions, the content is not very large, and the iron ions and copper ions of the cherry itself are stable compounds.Unlike the copper and iron ions in animal viscera, the iron and copper ions in the internal organs of animals can easily oxidize vitamin C in cherries to dehydrogenated vitamin C, so this cherry is not a vitamin C cherry, and it becomesGet the initial value of Vitamin C.

Therefore, it is not advisable to consume both.

Fifth, cherries cannot be eaten with strawberries. From a nutritional point of view, strawberries, cherries and other red fruits and vegetables are rich in vitamin C and other elements. They often have anti-aging and beauty effects.

Strawberries and cherries should not be eaten in excess. It is easy to get angry if overdone, especially those with yin deficiency and fire should eat less, not to eat together. Eating two kinds of fruits together will aggravate the symptoms of getting angry.

[Can you eat sweet potatoes when there is moisture in the rest]_ sweet potatoes _ wet weight _ can you eat them?

[Can you eat sweet potatoes when there is moisture in the rest]_ sweet potatoes _ wet weight _ can you eat them?

Sweet potatoes are very rich in supplementary fiber, carotene, vitamins, and minerals, calcium, iron and other nutrients, which can delay aging and can fight cancer and lower blood pressure.

It is also edible for patients with moisture in the body.

You can eat more light, digestible foods such as milk, bananas, hawthorn, celery, etc., which is beneficial to the discharge of moisture.

[宜吃食物] 牛奶,芹菜,香蕉,山楂 [忌吃食物] 红辣椒,葱白,泡椒,芥菜 [推荐饮食] 1、多吃一些蔬菜、水果,尤其是深色蔬菜;2、适当增加海Product extraction, such as kelp, laver, seafood, etc .; 3.

Eat more foods rich in potassium; 4, eat foods rich in calcium; 5, eat foods rich in vitamin C.

[饮食禁忌] 1、控制热能,控制主食及脂肪摄入量,尽量少吃或不吃糖果点心、甜饮料、油炸食品等高热能食品;2、减少烹调用盐量,尽量少吃酱菜等Salted foods; 3. Eat less fatty meat and various animal fats, and control high cholesterol foods such as animal brains and fish roe; 4. Avoid excessive drinking.

[Can you eat fruit after eating crabs?]_ Diet conditioning _ diet taboos

[Can you eat fruit after eating crabs?]_ Diet conditioning _ diet taboos

Crab is a very common seafood. This seafood is loved by the masses because crabs taste very good, especially crab yellow. This place is not only loved by many adults, but also by some children.Eat, this part of crab yellow is the best to eat and nutritious, but you must pay attention when eating crabs, fruits containing more vitamin c are not edible, so can you eat fruits after eating crabs?

Fruits that cannot be eaten with crabs: 1.


The reason is: Crab meat is rich in protein, while persimmon is rich in a large number of amino acids, and at the same time, the protein is solidified into a block and the body is difficult to digest.



Pears are cold foods. When eaten with cold crabs, they can damage the spleen and stomach and cause indigestion.

Also, crabs must not be eaten with strong tea, ice water, ice cream, lamb, dog meat, loach, which will cause gastrointestinal upset.

Crab and persimmon rumors: Crabs and persimmons pass on coldness, and the reaction with the same food can cause pain and diarrhea.

Crack: Persimmon contains amino acids, crab protein, and the two substances will interact with each other.

But it is not correct whether the response occurs in the human environment.

This effect does not cause diarrhea, poisoning or other noticeable discomfort.

Other fish, shrimp, meat, eggs, and other proteins are similar to crabs in protein, and they are easy to spoil and germ. Bacteria multiply and cause diarrhea or allergies. It is not related to persimmons.

[Insomnia to eat soothe the nerves, okay]_ effect _ effect

[Insomnia to eat soothe the nerves, okay]_ effect _ effect

Insomnia can cause great harm to a person, so we must find some good ways to cure insomnia.

Some people like to take Anshen Bu Nao Ye. In fact, this medicine has a certain effect on the treatment of insomnia. This is because its ingredients are warm tonic, but in the long run, it needs a regular schedule, a healthy diet and a pleasant mood.Can help people treat insomnia.

First, the main ingredients of Anshen Bu Nao fluid include deer antler, dried ginger, epimedium, red jujube, Polygonum multiflorum and so on.

The medicinal flavor is warm tonic, and it can be considered to take Anshen Bunao fluid for symptoms such as kidney yin deficiency, yin damage and yang due to intractable insomnia, patients with difficulty falling asleep or easily awakening, and cold hands and feet.

In addition, for patients with hypersensitivity, the drug should be carefully replaced.

Specific medication also requires a doctor to perform targeted treatment in combination with the specific symptoms of clinical patients. Therefore, the medication should still be guided by the doctor.

Second, is it useful to eat soothing brain fluid for insomnia? When it is necessary to insist on drinking, I will introduce some common knowledge about insomnia.

In fact, insomnia is mainly caused by psychological reasons!

, Be optimistic and content with the good mentality of Changle.

Have a full understanding of social competition, personal gains and losses, and avoid psychological imbalances caused by setbacks.

This is the most important!

Medicine and food can only help!

Treat the symptoms but not the root causes!

This is my summary of medicine for many years!

Here are some of the methods I have for treating insomnia!

You don’t have to take a look and hope to effectively help you overcome insomnia.

Psychological adjustment methods to overcome insomnia: First, maintain a good mentality of optimism and contentment.

Have a full understanding of social competition, personal gains and losses, and avoid psychological imbalances caused by setbacks.

Second, establish a regular day-to-day life system to maintain people’s normal sleep-wake up rhythm.

Third, create a conditioned reflex mechanism that is conducive to falling asleep.

Such as taking a hot bath half an hour before bedtime, soaking your feet, drinking a glass of milk, etc., as long as you persist for a long time, you will establish a “sleeping conditioned reflex”.

Fourth, moderate physical exercise during the day will help you fall asleep at night.

Fifth, develop good sleep hygiene habits, such as keeping the bedroom clean, quiet, away from noise, avoid light stimulation, etc .; avoid drinking tea and alcohol before going to bed.

Six, self-regulation, self-suggestion.

You can play some relaxing activities, you can also count repeatedly, and sometimes relax a little, but can fall asleep quickly.

7. Limit daytime sleep time. Except for elderly people who can take a nap or snoring for a while during the day, avoid siesta or snoring, otherwise it will reduce the drowsiness and sleep time at night.

In addition, for some heavier patients, under the guidance of a doctor, a suitable amount of sleeping pills or small doses of antidepressants and depression agents should be used in a short period of time.

This may make progress and better treatment results.

[What are the varieties of oolong tea?

]_How to drink_How to drink

[What are the varieties of oolong tea?

]_How to drink_How to drink

Oolong tea is often called, and there is a tea called green tea, which is a very popular tea, especially in Fujian, Guangdong and Taiwan. Oolong tea is very famous. Oolong tea even tastes very mellow and nutritious.Very rich, some oolong teas contain many amino acids and vitamins, as well as rich trace elements, so drinking oolong teas has many health benefits. The common oolong tea varieties are introduced below.

Variety of Oolong Tea: Oolong tea is the representative of Chinese tea, a kind of semi-fermented tea, and its transparent amber tea juice is its characteristic.

Oolong tea is just a generic term, and it can be divided into many different types of tea.

1. Wuyiyan tea is produced in Wuyishan, Fujian. Wuyiyan tea is fat and even in shape, tightly bound, bright in color and frog-shaped.

The color is green, sand green, dense yellow, leaf bottom, vermilion or red spots on the leaf margin, and the center is light green.

Drink this tea, the aroma is spinachy, the leaves are rich in mellow taste, and it is fresh and sweet. It has a special “rock rhyme”. Dahongpao ranks first in Wuyi Rock Tea and is known as “The King of Tea King”.
A collective name for oolong tea produced in Wuyi Mountain, Wuyishan City (formerly Chong’an County), Fujian Province.

2. Phoenix narcissus is a strip-shaped oolong tea produced in Fenghuang Township, Chaoan, Guangdong. It is divided into three categories: single bush, seaweed and narcissus.

It has natural floral fragrance, honey rhyme, strong taste, mellow, refreshing, sweet, and resistant to brewing.

Mainly sold in Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao, exported to Japan, Southeast Asia, the United States.

The copyright of Phoenix Narcissus is known as “beautiful, beautiful, green, fragrant, and sweet”.

The tea sticks are hypertrophy, with a lump-skin color and oiliness and luster.

The tea soup is clear and clear, the taste is refreshing and sweet, the fragrance is long-lasting, and the foam is resistant.

3. Oriental beauty is Taiwan’s unique famous tea, also known as puffed tea, and because of its obvious tea buds, it is also called Baihe Oolong tea.

The oriental beauty tea leaves have a very beautiful appearance. The leaves are white, green, yellow, red, and brown. The leaves are bright and lovely. The tea soup has a deep amber color. It tastes rich in glycol and has a ripe fruit aroma and honey fragrance.

4, Anxi Tieguanyin is named because of its heavy body and iron, and looks like Guanyin. It is the best in Fujian Oolong tea.

Produced in Anxi, South Fujian.

“Tieguanyin” is both the tea name and the tea tree variety name.

This tea-size bar is tightly knotted, some are shaped like scale hooks, and some are shaped like dragon snake heads. As the caffeine converts water to evaporate, a layer of white frost is formed on the surface, which can “sand green”.

After brewing this tea, the fragrance is fragrant, the heat is fine, the mouth is full of fragrant, the throat is sweet, and it is called the seven bubbles with the fragrance.