[How to make various desserts]_Desserts_How to make_How to make

[How to make various desserts]_Desserts_How to make_How to make

There are many types of desserts. We can choose some desserts that we like to learn. Sometimes the common syrups are taro sago, poplar manna, and milk tea. These dessert practices, as long as we prepare the relevant materials, it is easy.You can learn it, and making pastry desserts is more troublesome. You need to have certain skills. If you want to learn easy desserts, you should first learn how to make syrup and learn how to make pastries.

Tremella papaya rock sugar water method: Tremella papaya rock sugar water 1, tremella is soaked with water, cut the harder pedicle, papaya peeled, cut into pieces, dipped in tangerine, and simmered.

2. Cook in 4 cups of water, add ginger slices and tan peel for a while.

3. Remove the ginger slices and rinds, lower the white fungus and papaya, and simmer for 15 minutes.

4. Add rock sugar at the end and cook until the sugar is dissolved.

Fresh milk stewed papaya Preparation time: 10 minutes Preparation time: 20 minutes Ingredients: 270 grams of milk, 30 grams of papaya, medlar salt.

Seasoning: 2 pieces of rock sugar (15 g).

Purchase of raw materials: When purchasing papaya, you should choose full fruit shape and no trauma. Generally, the second red dot on the skin of papaya is the best time to eat.

Practice: 1.

Add milk, papaya and goji berries to a small bowl and add rock sugar.


Steam over low heat for 30 minutes.

Cooking experience: Do not cover the outer shell of the steamer tightly, otherwise the milk will clump.

Features: Papaya milk can be used for beauty, skin care, and hair. Regular consumption can make the skin smooth, tender, and delicate, and it can reduce wrinkles. People who love beauty should not miss it.

Papaya milk is best served fresh. If it is left for a long time after preparation, the enzymes in papaya decompose the protein in milk, and it is prone to bitter taste. The method is as follows.Water shower.

Mix the sticky rice flour with the Chengnian noodles and sieve through them.

Add 1 cup of semi-clear water to make a paste.

After the tablet sugar is boiled in 2 cups of half water, add the red bean paste to the powder paste and mix well.

Pour the prepared powder paste into the oiled bowl and steam it for 20 minutes.

Coconut Juice Sago Dew Procedures: 1.

Boil water in the pot, reduce to low heat, and put the scoured sago in the pot and cook.

Stir continuously during the cooking process. It will be a bit cloudy at the beginning. Regardless, continue to stir.

Slowly, it was found that Simi became transparent.

When there is a little white spot in Simi’s heart, turn off the fire.


Simmer the cooked sago in cold water. At this time, the sago is like a small pearl, very beautiful.


Add water to a pot and bring to a low heat. Pour a small bag of coconut flour, add a few grains of sugar, two spoons of white sugar, and pour a bag of fresh milk to continue cooking.

Time is for you.


Pour the cooked coconut milk into sago and let cool. You can add fruits such as watermelon and mango.

Keep the refrigerator cold.

[How to make cold scallop meat]_How to make cold_How to make cold

[How to make cold scallop meat]_How to make cold_How to make cold

There are many ways to make scallops, but the simplest is to use cold scallops. You don’t need to open the fire to get oil everywhere. Just prepare the ingredients and mix them.

The most basic thing for cold dressing is to clean the scallops, otherwise it will affect the taste and not good for the body. Then prepare the ingredients according to your preferences and stir well.

Note that scallops cannot be eaten too much at one time, and the cold ones are not easy to digest.

Steps of cold scallop: Step one clean and open a raw scallop with a brush, remove the white scallop meat, and the rest is the scallop side except the black viscera, which is the focus of this dish!

The black offal was thrown away, and the scallop meat was delicious whether it was cooking, soup, or making dumplings.

Step 2 Then peel the scallops and put them in boiling water to cook them. Seafood and other things are always cooked fast. The scallops are even more so. You need to observe them carefully and cook them immediately after cooking. Otherwise, cook them for too long.It will grow old and the taste is not so good.

Place the scallops cooked in step 3 in ice water and increase the crispness of the scallops.

Step 4 Then cut the appropriate amount of spring onion, carrot and shredded coriander. If you don’t like coriander, you can leave it.

Then put 5 over-cooled scallops on the plate, add the chopped spring onion, carrot shreds, and parsley, then drizzle the cold soy sauce, drizzle a little sesame oil, and then lightly, you can eat.

Tips for Cold Scallop Edges 1.

You can peel a little more scallops at a time, all of them are cooked in ice water, or you can catch the part you want to eat after cooling down, and put the rest in a fresh-keeping box or a fresh-keeping bag and refrigerate, so you can eat it whenever you wantIt’s simple and convenient to grab a little bit and mix it, but you must pay attention to the fresh stuff.


The cooked scallops should not be washed with water as much as possible. If they are washed too much, they belong to the seafood’s own delicious flavor, and they all run away.

Contraindications for scallops (1) After buying the scallops, first soak them in water for a while. Do not wash and eat immediately. The purpose of soaking is to loosen the scallop shells and the scallop meat.

(2) Eat scallops in moderation.

Generally, normal adults eat 50-100 grams a day, about 5-8 scallops are more suitable.

It can relieve diarrhea and supplement nutrients without causing too much physical discomfort.

People suffering from illnesses should be determined according to their physical condition, and it is best to take it with the doctor’s advice.

(3) The shellfish itself is very meaty. Do not add MSG when cooking, and do not put more salt, so as not to lose the umami taste.

[The disadvantages of men’s frequent ejaculation]_ejaculation_male_bad_harm

[The disadvantages of men’s frequent ejaculation]_ejaculation_male_bad_harm

Many men often love to ejaculate, and many men want to ejaculate, but they hold back the idea of ejaculation. In this way, the damage to the body in the long term is very great.Disease, so men must ejaculate when they have sex, so as to prevent a lot of damage to the body, ejaculation can also over skin, it must be appropriate, so what is the disadvantage of men ejaculating?

Long-term “forbearance and fire” can cause a variety of diseases: 1.

Sudden interruptions can only interrupt the movements of sexual life, while sexual impulses are still present, sexual central nervous activity and sexual organs are still in an excited state, congested states, and emotional excitement is tense.

The release of these nerve reflex arcs and the elimination of sexual organ excitement are far less rapid than those after ejaculation.

In this way, it will increase the burden on the sexual nervous system and sexual organs, and over time, it is easy to induce impotence; 2.

Ejaculation is often inhibited, which will affect the ejaculation function, resulting in abnormal ejaculation delay, cool ejaculation, and even abnormal phenomena such as ejaculation; 3.

After a normal intercourse, the penis quickly becomes weak, and the blood in the penis decreases by 50% within minutes.
60%. After 10 to 20 minutes, the blood flow in the penis returns to normal.

If the *** is suddenly interrupted, the speed of blood flow recovery in the sexual organs slows down, and the prostate and seminal vesicles overlap in a congested state, proneitis and seminal vesiculitis are prone to occur.Mr. self-proclaimed coffee-like substance in semen).

If men ejaculate often, then it is very harmful. If they ejaculate in time during sex, it may cause some diseases, and it may cause a lot of moderate, and many men often love ejaculation and cause prostatitis, orIt is a disease such as sexual dysfunction. In the long term, it will cause a lot of psychological disorders, so it is necessary to quickly improve such symptoms.

[How to make steamed cake soft]_How to make_How to make

[How to make steamed cake soft]_How to make_How to make

I believe that many people like to eat cakes, because cakes are a kind of sweets, its preparation method is relatively simple, and eating and eating cakes makes people feel very happy and cheerful.

Especially for young children, parents often make them eat cakes more deliberately, because the sugar content of the cakes is not very high.

And you can make cakes at home, but how can you make the cake soft when you make steamed cakes at home?

1. Precautions for cake making 1. When making a cake, the quality of the flour directly affects the quality of the product.

Cake flour should generally be supplemented with low-gluten flour. Because low-gluten flour has no gluten, the cake is particularly soft, bulky and flat.

If there is a lack of low-gluten flour for a while, it can be prepared by adding medium-gluten flour or high-gluten flour with an appropriate amount of corn starch.

2. The other main ingredient of the cake is the egg. The bulk of the egg mainly depends on the endosperm protein in the protein, and only when the endosperm protein encounters high-speed whipping can it fully wrap the air and form air bubbles, which makes the cake expand and expandLoose, so when whipped protein, high speed should not be used.

3. Make the syrup of the cake embryo, add 1000g of sugar and 500g of water, boil, and serve after cooling down.

When whipped eggs and sugar, high speed should be selected, which is required for the characteristics of endosperm protein.

4. Before baking the cake, the oven must be preheated, otherwise the softness and elasticity of the baked cake will be affected.

The utensils for whipping the cake must be clean, especially not touching the grease, otherwise the cake will not be loosened, which will affect the quality and taste.

5. The traditional method of making cakes is often to apply oil to the inner wall of the bottomed mold. The sides of the resulting cake are often colored and may be darker. Now you can use a cake ring to make a cake. Just place a sheet on the bottom of the ring.White paper is used instead of oil. The side of the cake that is made is colorless and often lighter. The cost savings can include saving the skin and replacing the cake.

After the cake is baked, and after it has been soaked, remove the cake ring and remove the bottom paper until it is used to ensure that the cake is not air-dried and affects the quality.

6, the baking temperature of the cake determines the amount of the mixture inside the cake, the more reorganization, the lower the temperature; otherwise the less the integral, the temperature should be increased accordingly.

7, the baking time of the cake determines the temperature and how much the cake contains, which whipped method and so on.

The longer the time, the lower the temperature; the shorter the time, the higher the temperature.

Large cakes have low temperature and long time; small cakes have high temperature and short time.

8. The cake should be covered on the cake plate while it is hot, so that the water contained in the cake will not be too volatile and maintain the humidity of the cake.

In addition, when the cake is hot, the size has not been completely fixed. If you turn it over, you can make the surface of the cake smoother by the weight of the cake itself.

9. Make sponge cake instead of low-gluten flour, and make fat cake instead of medium-gluten flour. This is because the structure of the fat cake itself is looser than sponge cake. The medium-gluten flour is replaced to further strengthen the cake structure.

As a result, it becomes more compact without being loose.

Second, the cake making process 1, cocoa sponge cake ingredients: 600g eggs, 300g sugar, 290g low-gluten flour, 30g cocoa powder, 100g butter oil, skim milk amount.

Utensils: mixing bucket, sieve, small pot, paper pad, cake ring, baking tray, cake plate.

Method: (1) Preheat the oven to 180 ° C (or heat 180 ° C, heat down 165 ° C) for later use.

(2) Beat the eggs into a mixing bucket, add sugar, and beat them on a blender until they turn white and become thick and creamy.

(3) Sieve low-gluten flour and cocoa powder through a sieve, gently pour into a mixing bucket, and add melted and cooled buttermilk and skimmed milk, and mix well to form a cake division.

(4) Fill the cake division with a pad of paper, place it in the cake ring in the baking tray, smooth it at the same time, and bake in the oven.

(5) Bake for about 30 minutes. After the cake is completely cooked out, cover it on the cake plate while it is hot, and then use it after cooling.

[Salmon Bone Carrot Soup]_ making method _ practice Daquan

[Salmon Bone Carrot Soup]_ making method _ practice Daquan

The method of salmon bone carrot soup is to use salmon bones to chop pieces, then put carrots and ginger slices in the pot and slowly simmer for an hour. You can try it.

The key to making salmon bone carrot soup is that salmon contains a lot of unsaturated fatty acids, which is very good for lowering blood lipids and preventing cardiovascular disease, and it can relieve blurred vision.

Salmon Bone Carrot Soup Salmon is rich in unsaturated fatty acids, which can effectively lower blood lipids and cholesterol, and cardiovascular diseases.

The omega-3 fatty acids it contains are essential for the brain, retina, and nervous system. They have the effects of enhancing brain function, preventing dementia, and preventing vision loss.

Ingredients 250g salmon bone ingredients right amount of oil right amount of salt 50g carrot right amount of ginger flakes making steps 1 salmon bone carrot ginger flakes 2 hot oil in a pan 3 fry salmon bone on both sides until golden 4 turn over and fry the other side 5 for another useBoil boiled carrots in the soup pot and add ginger slices. 6 Put the fried salmon bones in the soup pot. 7 Cook for half an hour. Tips The salmon bones are a little fishy. When frying, add ginger and flower carving wine, salmon bones, kelp sprouts, tofu miso soup.2 pieces of bone, 2 tablespoons of chopped dried fish, 2 pieces of hard tofu (cut pieces), 20 grams of kelp sprouts, 1 green onion (cut into pieces), 8 cups of water, seasoning-, 2 tablespoons of miso miso, 1 small piece of rock sugar1. Wash the kelp buds and soak in water.

2. Add water to the pot and bring to a boil. Add salmon bone, chopped squid, and kelp sprouts. Cook over medium heat for 20 minutes, then cook tofu for 10 minutes.

Add rock sugar, scallions, cook until rolled up, and finally add miso and stir well to serve.

Ingredients for corn apple carrot soup: carrots 1-2, corn 1-2, apples 2-3, one method: chop the corn into sections and put them in the pot; 2. wash the carrots without peeling and cuttingPut the hob block into the pot; three, the apple is chopped with an apple knife, remove the core, and the rest all fall into the pot. If there is no special pressed apple, cut around the apple one by one; four, this is a rice cooker,Turn on the highest fire, that is, the one for cooking. However, the lid cannot be fully covered. Use something like chopsticks to lay it flat on the surface of the pot and raise the lid a little, otherwise the water will overflow when the water is boiling.Just wait until the apple becomes transparent.

Tip one: Carrots do not need to be peeled, because its skin is very beneficial; two, do not cook for too long, the ingredients can be boiled, and boiled for too long will lose vitamins.

[The practice of stewed pork ribs in Northeast sauerkraut]_ Home cooking of stewed pork ribs in Northeast _ The practice of stewed pork ribs in Northeast _ How to make stewed pork ribs in Northeast

[The practice of stewed pork ribs in Northeast sauerkraut]_ Home cooking of stewed pork ribs in Northeast _ The practice of stewed pork ribs in Northeast _ How to make stewed pork ribs in Northeast

A beautiful and fulfilling childhood will inevitably affect a person’s life, which has a promoting effect.

And in childhood memories, it is naturally indispensable for mothers to cook meals. This is our most beautiful memory.

Below I will make a memorable Northeast pickled cabbage stew ribs 1 for everyone.

Wash and soak the sauerkraut for 15 minutes. In the thick part of the dish, use a razor to cut 2 or 3 slices and cut the filament (the thinner the better) 2.

1 Soak the noodles in water until they are cut into suitable lengths.

2 Rinse with water and pinch the water 4.

1 Put the shallot segments, ginger slices, water and pork ribs in the cooking pot, boil the seasoning wine, and cook over low heat for 1 hour 5.

2. Wash the ribs, add to a cooking pot, add water to a high heat and simmer for 2 minutes, pour off the soup, and wash away the foam 6.

Heat the wok and add oil (preferably lard) to 60%, add sauerkraut and stir-fry until translucent, and add to the ribs soup7.

After boiling, reduce to low heat and simmer for 20 minutes (the more it cooks, the more it tastes) 8.

Add noodles and cook for another 5 minutes, then add the right amount of salt according to your taste (you can add some hot pepper rings). I believe that after reading the introduction of Northeast pickled pork ribs, you will find that this dish is not difficult to make.

Of course, you still have disadvantages for the first time, but try a few more times to make the most delicious one.

[How to make pork starch]_How to make_How to make

[How to make pork starch]_How to make_How to make

I believe that many people have not eaten pork flour as a food in their lives. This is a relatively rare Sichuan dish. It is thin and long-known, so you can try the taste of pork flour.

Pork meal is a relatively tender meat, and it tastes slightly spicy and is good for appetizers. It is recommended that you learn how to make it so that you can eat pork meal at home.

Minnan garlic garlic starch recipes Brief introduction to Sichuan famous dishes. Spring cuisine uses thin-skinned pork with newly listed tender garlic, which has a slightly spicy fragrance, tender meat and better flavor.

Because the meat slices are thin and long, there is also a saying of “cloud slices of white meat”.

Ingredients Skinned pork leg 400g, garlic 25g, 25ml red oil, 20ml soy sauce, 30ml cold soup, 15g white sugar, MSG 0.

5 grams, white sesame purity, refined salt 0.

5 grams of practice 1.

Wash the pork, remove any residual hair, cook in a cold water pot until freshly cooked, and soak it in the original soup until warm.

Then, the warm cooked pork is simmered with dried water, and the slices are about 8 cm in length and 4 cm in width.


Punch the garlic into velvet, add refined salt, and turn the cold soup into a paste, then add red oil, soy sauce, sugar, MSG and stir well.


Pour the redeemed juice on the sliced meat and sprinkle with white sesame seeds.

Two 1.

Remove some bad mess and mess; 2.

2. Cut the oil into small pieces; 3.

Wash the cut oil cubes carefully and repeatedly; 4.

Turn on medium heat, pour the washed oil cubes into the pot, and sprinkle a small amount of salt; 5.

5. When boiling over low heat, stir fry a few times to evenly heat the oil to avoid sticking to the pan; 6.

5. Wait until the oil residue floats on the oil, turn the fire off when the oil residue turns pale golden yellow; 7.

Remove the oil residue first; 8.

After the oil cools, filter the oil in an anhydrous bowl; 9.

Prepare an anhydrous clean container (I used a honey bottle after drinking); 10.

Put the boiled lard in a container and seal it (if it is on a wooden board in winter, or refrigerate in the summer if it is refrigerated), look at the color of the boiled lard, put it in a honey bottleIt’s honey.

Cooking Techniques 1. It is best to use lard in pieces of pork.

2. When boiling, do not open the fire. The high temperature of the fire will produce some harmful substances, and will quickly turn the oil residue into a burnt color, taste bad, and affect the color.

3. Don’t be afraid to have water when you start to cook. A bit of water is more fragrant and the oil is whiter, but be careful to splash water drops after the oil to prevent oil splashing.

[Northeast braised bonito]_how to do_method

[Northeast braised bonito]_how to do_method

Every winter, when we go to the northeast, we will find that there are often big fish on the roadside. Some of these big fish are Mingtai fish. Mingtai fish is freshly taken from the ice. Although such fish undergo hibernation, the meat isVery fertile, a teriyaki teriyaki fish, let’s see how to do it.

Ingredients for braised bonito: 1 bonito, 1 tofu, 1 spring onion, moderate ginger, garlic, 0 soy sauce.

25 tsp. White sugar.

25 tsp. Of watercress sauce 0.

5 tablespoons, moderate amount of pepper, 0 salt.

25 tsp of vinegar in moderation 1.

Wash the fish and cut into sections.


Stir in onion, ginger, and garlic, add fish fillets, add sugar, soy sauce, watercress sauce, stir fry, and add water.


Add tofu after boiling water, suffocate, and add scallions.

Tip: When choosing fresh patties, look for fish with bright eyes and white flesh.

Ingredients for braised bonito[ingredients]2 bonito, 30g green pepper, 3 anise, 3 garlic cloves, 10g ginger, fish sauce 3g, 20g watercress sauce, 10g soy sauce, 3g sugar, salt, spring onion method[practicing]1.

Prepare the raw materials in advance: Because bonito is frozen food, you need to thaw the fish in advance and clean the internal organs2.

Use a knife to pat the fish body lightly, and loosen the flesh of the bonito fish slightly: When you pat it, use light force. Don’t smash the meat. The pat can loosen the fish tissue and taste better3.

Cut the beaten fish into 2-3 cm thick pieces 4.

Place the chopped fillets on a plate for use 5.

Garlic and ginger smashed; scallion white and cut into sections 叨叨 叨: smashing is good for garlic and ginger flavor excitement6.

Pour the oil in the pot and heat to 70%. Add ginger, garlic, and shallots to the fragrant pot.

After the flavor is stir-fried, stir-fry the red oil with watercress sauce, then pour in the fish fillets and stir-fry, and add soy sauce to color 8.

Stir-fry a few times, then pour in an appropriate amount of water, add star anise, and season with white sugar until cooked. The meat is delicate and tender. When frying, try to lighten it to avoid damaging the fish.

Cut green peppers into oblique blades, and cut green onions into flowers 10.

In order to ensure that the fish is not damaged during cooking, you can gently shake the pot or use the shovel to turn the fish 11 slightly.

When the soup slowly tightens, add the green pepper slices and mix well, season with an appropriate amount of salt, and drop 3-5 drops of fish sauce 12 just before leaving the pot.

A plate of fragrant braised taiyu with delicious rice is served!

[Can pregnant women eat cold Houttuynia cordata]_Pregnancy_Can you eat

[Can pregnant women eat cold Houttuynia cordata]_Pregnancy_Can you eat

Houttuynia cordata has a strong health-care function. We know that pregnant women’s physical resistance decreases during pregnancy. At this time, health is prone to health problems, so many parents are nourishing the body of pregnant pregnant women.Foods that improve the body’s immunity, but after all, pregnancy is a very sensitive period, and there are concerns about the effects.

So, can pregnant women with cold Houttuynia eat?

Let’s take a look below.

Pregnant women can eat cold Houttuynia cordata.

Efficacy and effect of Houttuynia 1, antibacterial effect: a yellow oil extracted from Houttuynia cordata, which inhibits various microorganisms (especially yeasts and molds), hemolytic streptococcus, golden yellow grapesCocci, influenzae, catarrhalis, and pneumococcus have significant inhibitory effects.

It also has effects on antibiotics, dysentery bacillus, and typhoid bacillus. The synthetic sodium decaldehyde acetaldehyde sodium bisulfite adduct is called synthetic houttuin.

2. Antiviral effect: Tissue culture of primary monolayer epithelial cells of human embryonic kidney, Houttuynia cordata (1:10) has inhibitory effect on influenza Asia A Jingke 68-1 strain, and can delay orphan virus ECHO11Growth.

3. Diuretic effect: Perfusion of toad kidney or frog scale with Houttuynia cordata extract can expand capillaries, increase blood flow and urine secretion, and thus have diuretic effect.

Its effect may be caused by organic matter. Potassium only plays an additional role in increasing diuresis. When directly acting, it can attenuate-dead the activity of Leptospira, and it can also be implanted into guinea pigs infected with Leptospira.

4. The role of the immune system: Houttuynia cordata decoction can obviously promote the ability of human cross blood leukocytes to engulf S. aureus in vitro.

Synthetic houttuin can improve the phagocytic function of leukocytes in patients with tracheitis, and increase serum levels of properdin in rabbits and patients.

[Can pumpkin husks be eaten]_Action_Benefits

[Can pumpkin husks be eaten]_Action_Benefits

The seeds in the pumpkin are actually edible, and the nutrients contained in the pumpkin are also very good for the human body. They are rich in fatty acids, amino acids, minerals and other elements.

Pumpkin husks are usually not edible. No matter what kind of fruit they are, they are not recommended because they are unhygienic during transportation.

First, the introduction of pumpkin seeds Pumpkin seeds are pumpkin ripe seeds, also known as pumpkin kernels, white sunflower seeds, gourd seeds.

Pumpkin seeds are rich in essential fatty acids, amino acids, phytosterols, minerals, vitamins, and polysaccharides.

It has the functions of expelling parasites, lowering LDL cholesterol, anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidation, relieving hypertension, reducing bladder and urethral pressure, and has low toxicity.

The dry and mature seeds are flat oval, slightly pointed at one end, yellow-white in appearance, and slightly edged in edges, about 1 in length.

2 cm in width and about 0 in width.


2 cm with furry surface and edges.

The seed coat is thick and the umbilicus is located at the pointed end; the seed coat is removed, showing a green and thin endosperm, with 2 yellow thick cotyledons.

The cotyledons contain aunty oil and the radicle is small.

Scented, slightly sweet.

Dry, plump, yellow-white shell is preferred.

Second, can pumpkin husks be eaten? Some varieties of sunflower seeds, such as watermelon seeds, sunflower seeds, the shell is relatively hard, especially after biting, it may form a needle-like shape and may pierce the esophagus.

It must be eaten without shells.

The shell of pumpkin seeds is easier to chew and is edible. Some people also choose to chew with shells.

Of course, actual pumpkin husks are not easy to digest, and shelling is better.

In short, the shell of melon seeds is not easy to digest, and it is not suitable to eat.

No matter how melon seeds, in the process of frying and transportation, there are unhygienic factors, and shelled food is the best.