[Can dried hawthorn be eaten directly]_ Directly eatable_ Can you

[Can dried hawthorn be eaten directly]_ Directly eatable_ Can you

In daily life, many people are particularly fond of eating hawthorn, because hawthorn tastes sour and is very appetizing, especially for some pregnant women, they are more willing to eat, and some people lie in the hawthorn to dry it into hawthornDried, soaked in water after making dried hawthorn can cure many diseases, and it tastes more sour. You can also add some rock sugar, so can dried hawthorn be eaten directly?

Can dried hawthorn be eaten directly? Dried hawthorn can be eaten directly.

In addition, dried hawthorn can also be used to soak water to drink, let’s take a look: 1, dried hawthorn water can appetite and digestion, especially those with indigestion have a significant effect.

2. Hawthorn has the effect of promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis, which can help relieve local blood stasis.

3, flavonoids, carotene and vitamin C contained in hawthorn can interrupt and reduce the generation of free radicals, can enhance the body’s immunity, have anti-aging, anti-cancer effects.

4, hawthorn has asthma and phlegm, inhibits bacteria, treats abdominal pain and diarrhea

But dried hawthorn is not suitable for everyone.

Now let ‘s take a look at some people who ca n’t eat dried hawthorn: 1. Hawthorn only disappears, and those with weak spleen and stomach should not eat more.

2, children, is in the period of tooth replacement, if long-term gluttony eating hawthorn or hawthorn tablets, hawthorn cakes, etc., will make children’s teeth grow unfavorably.

3, pregnant women, children, excessive gastric acid secretion, post-ill-health and those suffering from dental disease are not suitable for consumption.

4, children eat too much excess blood sugar to maintain a high level, there is no sense of several years, affecting eating, long-term large-scale consumption will lead to malnutrition, anemia and so on.

Can pregnant women eat hawthorn? Generally pregnant mothers prefer sour food because it is their physical and nutritional needs.

But pregnant mothers also have to choose if they want to eat sour food. Don’t eat pickled sauerkraut or vinegar products. In addition, you can’t eat hawthorn, because pregnant mother eats hawthorn is not good, and it will bring some seriousSexual harm!

Hawthorn can stimulate gastric acid secretion.

Increased levels of progesterone and estrogen in pregnant women after pregnancy, coupled with other evolving oppression of the stomach, can cause severe heartburn in pregnant women.

If you eat more hawthorn at this time, it will cause a rapid increase in gastric acid and an increase in concentration, which may easily cause nausea, and severe cases may cause peptic ulcer.

In addition, hawthorn, which is rich in a lot of fruit acids, has the effects of astringent and stimulating gastric mucosa. After pregnancy, pregnant women have poor spleen and stomach functions. Eating too much can easily reduce digestion and cause indigestion.

Fresh hawthorn is rich in implanted acid. If you eat too much, the precipitated acid will easily combine with the minerals in the human body to form stomach stones.

The greatest harm of eating hawthorn is reflected in the physical harm to the pregnant mother, and it is also harmful to the baby!

Research by scientists in the Federal Republic of Germany found that the acidity of early pregnancy is low, and the acidic drugs or other acidic substances replaced by the mother are easily accumulated in fatty acid tissues, which affects the normal division and spread of cells and development and growth.Deformation develops and increases the risk of miscarriage.

Hawthorn has the effect of promoting blood circulation and stasis, and has an excitatory effect on the uterus. Too much food for pregnant women can promote uterine contraction and increase the risk of miscarriage.

In the second trimester of pregnancy, due to the development of hypertension, the pH of tissues and cells is close to that of the mother, which is correspondingly less harmful.

Therefore, pregnant mothers should not take acidic drugs, acidic foods, acidic drinks, etc. during the first 2 weeks of pregnancy, so it is best not to eat hawthorn to avoid causing some harm to the body.

[How to eat dried oysters]_ production method _ practice Daquan

[How to eat dried oysters]_ production method _ practice Daquan

Oyster is a kind of aquatic products with high nutritional value. Frequently eating oysters is very good for people’s health. It not only has the effects of nourishing yin and yang, but also has the effect of delaying aging.I don’t know how to eat oysters. In fact, there are many ways to eat oysters. You can cook them directly, eat them in the original flavor, and cook them with other ingredients or stir-fry them. The results are very good.

How to eat dry oysters Cold raw oysters 1, usually fresh raw oysters can be placed in cold dishes for people to use, you need to prepare fresh raw oysters 500 grams of ground ginger and pepper and raw soy sauce, and also prepare an appropriate amountVinegar and mustard.

2. Put the prepared raw oysters in clear water and rinse them. Be sure to wash all the mud and sediment in the meat. After removing, drain the water, then add the prepared ginger and pepper powder, and raw soy sauceAdd vinegar, sugar and monosodium glutamate, mix them with chopsticks, and add just the right amount of wasabi.

Oyster fried eggs 1, oyster fried eggs are also particularly delicious. When preparing, you need to prepare 20 oysters, five eggs, sweet potato flour and edible salt, cooking oil, and pepper powder.

2. After washing the oysters with water, remove the water, add an appropriate amount of edible salt and sweet potato flour, and gently massage with your hands to make full contact with the edible salt. Then break the eggs apart and pour into the bowl.Eat a small amount of salt.

3. Put the marinated raw oysters in egg liquid and mix thoroughly. Put an appropriate amount of cooking oil in a pan. After heating, take an appropriate amount of egg liquid and fry directly in the pan. After the two sides are golden, you can recover the food.
Roasted oysters with minced garlic 1, oysters are particularly delicious when grilled. You need to open the oyster shells and clean them with fresh water before roasting. Then place them in a baking dish. In each oysterThe surface of the meat should be coated with an appropriate amount of cooking oil and then baked in the oven.

2. After peeling the garlic, chop it into minced garlic, then add a small amount of sugar and soy sauce, and abalone juice and chicken essence to make the sauce. When the oysters in the oven are about to be cooked, open and sprinkle the minced garlic on topContinue to cook for three minutes. After taking out, you can eat garlic-rich roasted oysters.

[How to make oatmeal porridge]_ making method _ practice Daquan

[How to make oatmeal porridge]_ making method _ practice Daquan

Drinking porridge at breakfast is not only good for our stomach and intestines, but also can supplement the nutrients needed in our body. Oatmeal milk porridge is a very common porridge. This porridge also has the effect of losing weight. Oatmeal is aThis kind of coarse grains is very rich in supplementary fiber. Regular eating coarse grains can consume our aunts, and the nutritional value of milk is relatively high. So how to make oat milk porridge?

Oatmeal is a food that combines delicious nutrition and weight loss, and eating milk oatmeal for breakfast will definitely bring everyone unexpected results.

Next, I will introduce some oatmeal practices to ensure weight loss after learning.

Oatmeal is a meal replacement food often chosen by people who lose weight. Unfortunately, because it is relatively low in content and can enhance people’s satiety, they all like oatmeal very much.

Next, I will introduce the practice of cowboy oatmeal, because milk oats and rice together are very nutritious, which is conducive to fat loss and weight loss during weight loss.

First prepare the ingredients you need. In the process of weight loss, you must find some weight loss methods and foods that are suitable for you. For example, oatmeal is an essential ingredient.

No matter it is ordinary oats or slimming oats, you can use them.

In fact, it is the choice of milk. Be sure to choose fresh pure milk or canned pure milk. This kind of milk has a high protein content and can supplement nutrients such as protein required by the body. It can also be very important for weight loss.Role.

After preparing these, you can cook rice and porridge, and you can also prepare some fruit-based foods, because weight loss breakfast also needs to be coordinated.

Put the cleaned rice or millet into the pot, add water that has not been in the two knuckles of rice, and then put in the right amount of oatmeal.

Once the above is ready, you can cook porridge. After the porridge is cooked, put it in pure milk and cook for a few minutes.

If you like to eat fruit, you can chop the fruit into porridge, or you can eat some fruit after drinking porridge.

Milk oatmeal can completely enhance its weight loss effect, and can also supplement the body with sufficient nutrients. These are some of the dietary habits and food matching practices that are essential in the process of weight loss.

After learning this, you don’t have to worry about finding food to eat when you lose weight.

[How to heat breast milk at normal temperature]_How to keep warm_How to place

[How to heat breast milk at normal temperature]_How to keep warm_How to place

In fact, the preservation of breast milk is not an easy task, because many mothers have to go to work, work, and cannot repeatedly feed their children. In addition, because young children are young, the frequency of breastfeeding is repeated.It is necessary to save the breast milk for the children, so that it will be easier during the replacement process. There are methods for storing breast milk. In addition, breast milk at room temperature also needs to be heated. You can learn these methods.

What is breast milk storage? Breast milk storage: refers to too much breast milk, the baby can not eat for a while, or because the mother does not have time to breastfeed, the breast milk needs to be squeezed out and stored in the refrigerator.

Breast milk storage is most often the case for working mothers, who are sometimes referred to as “back-caring mothers.”

“Back mothers” are such a group of people: After they have a baby and take maternity leave, the mothers will return to work to continue work, but now many mothers do not give up breastfeeding after work, but store it through breast milkWays to stick to breastfeeding.

Breast milk at room temperature storage time Colostrum (milk squeezed out within 6 days after delivery) -27-32 ° C can be stored at room temperature for 12 hours.

Mature breast milk (milk extruded after 6 days after delivery) can be stored at -15 ° C for 24 hours at room temperature; 19-22 ° C for 10 hours at room temperature; 25 ° C for 6 hours at room temperature

Breast milk storage refrigerated storage time Breast milk storage is usually stored in a refrigerator freezer.

The storage time is generally: 0-4 ℃ for 8 days; if it is a small freezer box inside the refrigerator, the storage period is two weeks; if it is a freezer separate from the refrigerator, but it is often opened and takenFor items, the storage period is 3-4 months; if it is a deep freezer, the temperature is kept below 0 ° C and the door is not opened often, the storage period is more than 6 months.

Stored breast milk breaks down and looks a bit bluish, yellow, or brown, which is normal.

The scientific method of breast milk storage has two steps: preliminary preparation.

Adjust breastfeeding time to accumulate breast milk.

Adjusting time 1-2 weeks before work, mothers start to give their baby a psychological “prevention shot”. According to the mother’s work and rest time, adjust and arrange the baby’s breastfeeding time to give the baby a process of adaptation.

If the work place is closer to home, you can feed before going to work, go home to breastfeed once during lunch break, and then feed after work, plus a little feeding at night, basically can meet the baby’s needs; if you are far away from home, you canSqueeze out breast milk for storage. Ask your family to feed it 1-2 times, and then return home at night to feed.

The accumulated breast milk can be squeezed out for storage for 1-2 weeks in advance, and the extruded breast milk can be stored in a container for freezing or refrigerated storage.

How to make up for cardio-cerebral vascular disease

How to make up for cardio-cerebral vascular disease

Diet therapy is a major feature of chronic obesity and has a long history.

Many domestic natural medicines and medicines are homologous, and the balance of yin and yang is adjusted by the nature and function of medicine and food.

Here are a few summer diets for patients with cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.

How is heart and brain vascular disease better?

First, nuts such as almonds and other almonds can prevent platelet condensation.

The study found that unless you only eat nuts once a week, you can reduce the risk of heart disease by a quarter, especially almonds.

Practice: Grind the almonds into powder, mix in the salad, the dish, not only increase the taste, but also fully absorb the nutrition.

Second, cold bitter gourd silk bitter gourd can be eaten, but also can be used for medicinal purposes, there are evil spirits, relieve fatigue, heat and heat, nourishing blood and nourishing the liver, moistening the spleen and kidney, eating more bitter gourd in summer, multiple canSolving the first clear heart, it also has a high nutritional value.

Practice: Cut the bitter gourd into silk, boil it with boiling water, then add the seasonings such as shrimp, sesame oil, salt, soy sauce, MSG, etc., and stir into a dish.

Third, the lotus heart drink lotus seeds taste bitter cold, good heart fire, communication heart and kidney, attending upset dizziness, palpitations, insomnia, etc., only use caution.

Practice: 15 lotus seeds can be taken, put into the cup, brewed in boiling water, and drink on behalf of the tea.

Fourth, dried bean sprouts suffer from coronary heart disease, high blood pressure, chronic nephritis, malnutrition and other diseases.

Ingredients: 200 grams of cabbage heart, 50 grams of dried tofu, soy sauce, vinegar, sesame oil, MSG, the right amount.

Practice: Wash the cabbage heart, cut into silk, steam the tofu first steam on the pot for about 10 minutes, put it on the cabbage on the silk, then pour the soy sauce, vinegar, sesame oil, MSG together, mix well and serve.

Five, Hawthorn Danshen Tea promotes blood circulation.

Applicable to patients with coronary heart disease and myocardial infarction.

Ingredients: 10 grams of hawthorn, 6 grams of salvia, 20 grams of sugar.

Practice: Take the hawthorn to the core, slice, and then add the hawthorn, salvia miltiorrhiza into the saucepan, add 200 ml of water, simmer and boil, simmer for 15 minutes with simmer, add the juice to the residue, add the sugar and mix well.

Six, celery porridge celery contains chlorophyll and flavonoids, etc., has the effect of lowering blood pressure, regulating blood lipids, anti-oxidation damage, etc., is an important source of B vitamins.

Ingredients: 150 grams of celery (chopped), 50 grams of rice, the right amount of salt.

Practice: Inject water into the pot, add rice to the fire and then use a small fire. The rice rotten soup is thick. Under the celery, the salt is ready.

The easiest detox beauty breakfast

The easiest detox beauty breakfast

Ingredients: half a box of milk (about 100 ml), 20 grams of ready-to-eat oatmeal, one egg, one small raisin, half a dragon fruit, and 3-5 pieces of a saint fruit (quantity by one person): 1.

Add a glass of water and a small amount of oatmeal in a small pot to boil; 2.

Beat an egg into the oatmeal, chop the egg, and turn off the egg after the egg is cooked;

Rushing into fresh milk, the degree of heat and cold of milk can be determined according to personal preferences;

Finally, cut the dragon fruit and the saint fruit into cubes, add the raisins and add them to the milk cereal, and eat them instantly.

  Oats are rich in nutrients, and its unique substitute fiber can prolong the residence time of food in the stomach, replace the digestion and absorption of starch in the small intestine, have a feeling of fullness, provide energy for a long-lasting and stable supply, high intake of fiber of oats, and promote gastrointestinalPeristalsis, improve constipation, so as to achieve the effect of defecation and detoxification.

Made from oatmeal with egg milk and vegetables and fruits, it contains protein, dietary fiber, trace elements and rich vitamins. It provides long-lasting energy while maintaining balanced nutrition. It becomes the favorite of white-collar workers.breakfast.

Angina is sometimes associated with details of life

Angina is sometimes associated with details of life

Angina pectoris is a common symptom of coronary heart disease. The treatment is mainly based on the doctor’s guidance to take anti-angina drugs, such as nitrophenol, Dioxinxuekang and so on.

At some point, although you use the medicine according to the rules, it is difficult to do so.

Don’t rush to change medicine at this time, check your life details, maybe there will be unexpected help.

  Teacher Ma, who is drinking water and angina, is a key teacher of a key middle school. It is a “infatuation” for teaching.

  He gets up at 6 o’clock every morning, guides walking or jogging, eats breakfast at 7 o’clock, and then prepares for class.

Although he was put on a coronary heart disease hat by a doctor six months ago, he insisted on taking nifedipine, and there have been no adverse symptoms.

I feel that my chest tightness, suffocation and even pain have come from time to time.

  He considered whether nifedialdehyde was not working and asked the doctor to switch to a new drug.

  I was interviewed by an experienced doctor. After asking him about his daily routine and medication, he suggested that he not change the medicine. Please tell him that he can drink 1 cup of boiled water after getting up in the latter half of the night.About 200 ml)).

  He took the advice and did not feel a slight discomfort in the morning.

  Doctor’s comment: The reason why the doctor did not change the original medication plan was that he had to drink 1 cup of boiled water at night because the doctor learned that Ma had a habit of not drinking water before going to bed because he was afraid of getting up at night. It is probably the reason here.

  Because no water is added before going to bed, the nighttime person still breathes, sweats, urinates, and the body loses a lot of water, the blood viscosity increases, the circulation resistance increases, the robes cause myocardial infarction, and angina pectorism follows.

  Medical research has shown that people with water are inextricably linked to the onset of angina.

Angina pectoris and myocardial infarction occur mostly in sleep or in the morning. In addition to factors such as increased vagal nerve excitability at night, leading to coronary artery occlusion, the body loses water and is hard to beat.

In particular, the function of the receptors of middle-aged and elderly people is gradually declining. Although the body lacks water and feels incompetent, it is not known to attract danger.

  Therefore, patients with coronary heart disease are encouraged to drink water properly (1 cup of boiled water every night before going to bed and wake up in the morning), which can effectively prevent the occurrence of angina pectoris.

  Vegetarian and angina thanked the engineer for having angina pectoris two years ago, and taking the drug for a long time, the effect is good.

The “pain” of the recent outbreak of the heart may seem to resurrect.

Going to the hospital for treatment, the doctor learned that he has no hobby of tobacco and alcohol, and he takes medication on time every day, and his mentality is relatively calm.

Only after the last discharge, the dietary structure of the three meals was greatly adjusted. In order not to increase the plasma level in the body, he consciously removed the meat and eggs from the table. In addition to the cereal staple food, he only ate some vegetables every day.fruit.

  The doctor also found that his eye conjunctiva, nails and other places were pale, and there were already a few in his heart. He immediately asked him to test hemoglobin (also known as hemoglobin). As expected, his hemoglobin was only 60 g/L. (The normal value should not beLess than 120 g / liter), suffering from severe anemia.

  After the doctor’s guidance, the hemoglobin was raised to 110 g / liter, and the diet was paid attention to the combination of sputum and angina.

  Doctor’s comment: Xie engineers’ angina is obviously related to anemia.

The reason is very simple. Oxygen is transported by hemoglobin to various organs and tissues including the heart. When the arteries harden, the blood flow and oxygen carrying capacity are affected. If it is in an anemia state, the oxygen carrying capacity of the blood is even moreWill be greatly reduced, the oxygen obtained by the myocardium is obviously insufficient.

  In order to improve this deficiency, the human body only has a rapid blood circulation to compensate, which in turn increases the workload of the heart, causing the myocardial oxygen consumption to rise sharply, thereby forming a vicious circle and inducing angina.

  This can realize a health care experience for patients with coronary heart disease: can not unilaterally highlight low feces, low cholesterol and excessive restrictions on foraging, take the extremes of absolute vegetarianism, otherwise it may be thanks to the engineer’s footsteps, causing anemia and aggravating angina.

In essence, proper temperament collocation will not aggravate the condition at all, but will be beneficial to health.

  Satisfied with angina and eating too much can also induce angina, Master Tian is an example.

He has boasted his good appetite in front of his friends more than once. Every staple food will not last for 250 grams, and only then can he feel full of food.

  After being told that he had a coronary heart disease, he still did his best and did not eat the bowl.

What followed was aggravation of discomfort in the chest after meals, and sometimes obvious pain.

At first he suspected that the doctor’s dose was too small, and even for a few days, he had nominally increased the dose of the drug, but the effect was still not good.

  In desperation, he walked into the hospital again.

After the doctor checked, he told him that the angina that appeared after the meal was not caused by the small amount of the drug, but it was related to the overdose. The dose of the drug was enough. It should not be increased without authorization. Be careful not to prevent the reduction of the meal.
As a result, he reduced the amount of meals by a third, and it was really effective. From then on, the chest was much easier.

  Doctor’s comment: After eating, the blood is rapidly transferred to the recombination to promote digestion, the amount of blood supplied to the heart is naturally reduced, and the blood vessels of patients with coronary heart disease are narrow.

Myocardial ischemia is aggravated, and blood lipids are temporarily elevated after meals.

It is also not conducive to the supply of oxygen to the heart muscle, and the onset of angina is a matter of course.  Therefore, coronary heart disease patients should pay attention to control the amount of food, 7 points per meal is enough, and do not immediately “hundred walks” after meals, should take a break after (about half an hour) re-activity pollution and angina when the next kind of air pollutionThe incidence of related angina is significantly higher, called “urban angina.”

There are many factors that cause air pollution. As far as the city is concerned, the exhaust gas from motor vehicles and other motor vehicles is a culprit.

  Doctors comment: The vast majority of car exhaust is carbon monoxide, and carbon monoxide can compete with oxygen for the opportunity to bind hemoglobin in the blood.

  Carbon monoxide’s competitiveness (medically known as affinity) is greater than oxygen (about 240 times larger), thus causing a large amount of hemoglobin to combine with carbon monoxide to form a large amount of carboxyhemoglobin, while carboxyhemoglobin can not absorb oxygen, the consequence is the supply of the heart.The blood carrying oxygen is greatly reduced, and the myocardium is particularly sensitive to hypoxia. It is strange to have angina without attack!

The main strategy is to minimize contact with carbon monoxide. If you don’t stay near the main road and the tunnel, you should stay away from the road and consciously quit smoking. Once you have chest tightness and chest pain.

  Immediately sublingually containing nitroglycerin, conditionally can absorb oxygen.

  The angina of the weather and angina pectoris is particularly ridiculous.

His coronary heart disease hat has been worn for several years, and because of the rational use of medication, angina has not been seen.

A certain inspection work in the countryside, suddenly heavy rain, because of the rain without rain, the result of angina.

  Doctor’s comment: The relationship between weather and coronary heart disease is very subtle.

Let’s talk about the hot summer days, the body sweats a lot, causing excessive loss of body fluids, causing blood concentration, increased blood viscosity, increased heart rate, increased heart burden, and easy to make the heart of the disease “snowy” and cause angina.

  Relatively cold, due to the stimulation of cold air, myocardial oxygen consumption increased, sympathetic nerves excited, peripheral blood vessels contracted, penetration range increased, left ventricular load increased.

And make the heart muscle hypoxia.

  Statistics show that approximately 67% of angina or myocardial infarction are associated with cold.

Experiments have shown that when patients with coronary heart disease suddenly absorb 5-10 ° C of cold air.

An electrocardiogram will have an angina-like change.

In particular, the sudden appearance of rain, the body and body temperature formed a sharp contrast.

Cardiac ischemia does not tolerate such high blood pressure, and it is more likely to induce angina.

The elderly should be especially careful. Because the resistance is relatively poor, the emergency response in the body is slow, and the probability of inducing coronary heart disease after rain is three times that of young people.

  Therefore, patients with coronary heart disease should pay special attention to weather forecasting and take appropriate and effective measures to prevent angina.

Spring fitness for the elderly

Spring fitness for the elderly

The climate change in spring is relatively fast. Some old people are extremely sensitive to the changes in the weather. Everyday exercise will change with changes in the weather. What is the sport suitable for the elderly in the spring?

  First, brisk walking: walking fast in the park, not only can exercise the heart and lungs, but also enjoy the scenery, fast energy consumption, and will not cause too much pressure on the joints.

  Second, the fly: the game needs to run, so you can exercise endurance.

As the body often stops and changes direction, the body’s agility and balance are also enhanced.

  Third, playing basketball: people who like team sports can’t refuse the temptation of basketball.

While the upper and lower limbs are exercising, the hand-eye coordination ability is also improved.

  Fourth, rowing: At first glance, it is a kind of leisure activity, but rowing can exercise the muscles of the buttocks, buttocks and abdomen at the same time, so it is a good aerobic exercise.

   Five, bicycle: If you want to enjoy the beauty of the mountains, mountain bikes can help you achieve this.

  Unlike walking and long-distance running, this exercise has less stress on the joints, and energy consumption and endurance exercise are no less inferior to other sports.

  Six, jogging: If you like to exercise alone, then jogging is a good choice.

Eyelids are the best practice status

Eyelids are the best practice status

We know that an important part of Qigong exercise is to enter a static state, which is a state in which consciousness transitions from a normal awake state to a near-complete sleep state.
We also know that the waking and excitement of the brain is maintained by a variety of internal and external stimuli that are transmitted through the corresponding sensory organs.
Therefore, in order to achieve qigong static state, measures must be taken to reduce or block various internal and external stimuli, in other words, to make various sensory organs as unirradiated as possible.
  Psychology and physiology divide the feeling into two categories: internal feeling and external feeling.
Internal sensation refers to the feeling of receiving internal stimulation of the body, reflecting the different positions of the body, movement and internal organs.
There are sports feelings, balance feelings, visceral feelings, etc. belonging to this type of feeling.
In the case of syndrome differentiation of insomnia, Chinese medicine has a saying that “the stomach is not and the rest is uneasy.” In essence, the internal organs (stomach) feel too strong, and the nerve impulse is constantly transmitted to the brain, so that the brain is in an excited state.insomnia.
In addition, the active relaxation of muscles during exercise and the relaxation of muscles while sleeping in bed are also the nerve impulses that reduce muscles (muscle spindles) to the brain after muscle relaxation, thereby reducing brain excitability and helping to calm down.Or sleep.
External sensation refers to the external stimuli, reflecting the visual, auditory, olfactory, gustatory, and sensation of external things.
In order to achieve static or sleep, on the basis of reducing internal sensory stimulation, it is also necessary to reduce external sensory stimulation.
If a person with normal visceral function is in a dark room without any sound, smell, or food irritation (blocking internal organs and movement, balancing feeling), he will soon go to sleep.
On the other hand, if other conditions remain the same, only one feeling is adequately stimulated, such as acupuncture skin, various sounds, various pictures. It is impossible to achieve static or sleep.
Understand the above reasons, it will get a good answer when you practice your eyes or close your eyes.
What needs to be emphasized here is that about 80% of the information that people get when they interact with the outside world is transmitted to the brain through visual channels. Therefore, in order to effectively calm down, it is crucial to block this part of information by closing your eyes.of.
  Of course, the shackles and closures of the eyes during practice are not absolute and can be changed according to actual needs.
For example, a beginner who learns specific actions from a qigong teacher on the spot must blink, and he needs to close his eyes when practicing.
When beginners practice their own exercises, in order to make the movements accurate, they also need to blink frequently or face the mirror to constantly correct the movements; after the movements are accurate and proficient, they can close their eyes and practice; after the movements are pure and free, they can be based on the practice at the time.Feeling, blinking or half blinking when necessary.
Generally speaking, when you practice your own exercises, you can close your eyes and keep your eyes open. When you perform to the audience, the external display is the main one, you need to blink.
When practicing static work or in-situ movement, the main focus is on closing the eyes.
You can wink when you practice walking.
In short, it is necessary to be discretionary.
In addition, when the eyes are closed, the force can not be tightly closed, and only the eyelids can be gently closed.

White-collar Mo Dang squatter exercise to prevent soreness in front

White-collar Mo Dang “squatter” exercise to prevent soreness in front

Long-term immobility: keep a posture that is too long and too long, and the shoulder muscles are easy to stiffen. The local blood supply blood vessels are pressed and closed, and cannot supply blood to some unstable blood, providing energy, oxygen, and causing muscles on the shoulders.Sore.

Incorrect posture: Some people are sitting in an incorrect posture when they are working or studying. This type of body: the body is easy to bend backwards, bend over and hunch, over-excessively stretches out the water, and easily stretches the neck and shoulder muscles.Small blood vessels are closed, oxygen supply is reduced, and shoulder pain occurs.

Others: There are excessive stress or load on the arms or shoulders on weekdays, such as lifting heavy objects and carrying heavy objects.

Health exercises: People who work in front of the computer, it is best to have a body every 40-60 minutes. Of course, the focus is on the movement of the neck and shoulders, and you can do exercises.

Pay attention to the posture: pay attention to the usual posture, try to make the body posture straight, avoid hunchback and excessive excessive extension.

Don’t be too heavy: you should pay attention to protecting the muscles of the neck and shoulders, not to exceed their ability to withstand activities or carry things on weekdays.

Appropriate massage: You can also do some neck and shoulder massage, or do yoga on the neck and shoulders to relieve muscle groups and promote blood circulation.