61 goals! The best offensive partner in Europe can only be Messi Nemar!

61 goals! The best offensive partner in Europe can only be Messi Nemar!
5-0 victory over Levante, Barcelona continued to chase Real Madrid in the standings, and the team’s two major stars Messi and Neymar joined forces to dedicate a wonderful game.The Brazilian opened the can for Barcelona, the Argentine staged a hat trick, and Suarez, who came off the bench, used a beautiful barb goal to add icing on the cake.梅西和内马尔是目前全欧最火热的进攻组合  《世界体育报》赛后表示,依靠球队超音速组合——梅西和内马尔的组合,巴萨疯狂追赶皇马,恩里克的球队Has won 11 consecutive victories.The game against Levante was once considered to be a game full of traps, but for Messi and Neymar, the traps simply did not exist.Enrique had worried that Levante would create problems for Barcelona. At the beginning, Levante did perform well, but in the face of the crazy and deadly attacks of Barcelona’s two superstars, the small team from Valencia soon collapsed.  Compared with the last match of the King’s Cup against Villarreal, Enrique has eight changes in the starting lineup, but Messi and Neymar are still there, their goals are still, and, there areLots of goals.Since losing to Royal Society in early January, the two have scored 14 goals and 10 goals respectively.Barcelona took the lead in the 17th minute, Messi made a cross pass from the right and cut the ball off the edge of the successful Neymar small penalty area. The ball hung over Marinho and flew to the far corner. Pedro escorted the ball before the goal line.Access the network.This is Neymar’s 17th league goal this season, and his goal paved the way for Barcelona’s victory.Messi then staged a hat trick.  Messi’s goal came from a penalty created by Neymar. In the last game, Messi gave the penalty to Neymar, but the Brazilian missed the ball.The cooperation between Barcelona 10th and 11th has produced results. The tacit understanding between the two has a long history. In the game, we can even see Messi apologizing to his teammates for not passing.  In the 67th minute of the game, Enrique replaced Neymar with Suarez, and the Camp Nou fans also thanked Neymar with applause.In La Liga this season, Neymar has scored 17 goals. He has scored 24 goals in various competitions, which is 9 more than the number of goals scored last season., Surpassing the record set in Santos in 2010.In Barcelona’s La Liga goal list, Neymar also surpassed Maradona.It is worth mentioning that most of Neymar’s goals in the league are assisted by Messi. Of his 17 goals, 9 are assists from Messi, which also proves that there is a spirit between the two shooters.It feels like a piece of cake.  Valentine’s Day has just passed, and Barcelona’s Messi and Neymar are also lovers on the football field. So far this season, Messi has scored 37 goals in various events and Neymar has scored 24 goals.The 61 goals scored by the two players are unmatched in Europe.Messi’s 37 goals, 26 goals in the league, 3 goals in the King’s Cup, 8 goals in the Champions League, such data allows him to surpass Ronaldo and become Spain’s first.Neymar’s data is also good, the league scored 17 goals, the King’s Cup scored 4 goals, the Champions League scored 3 goals, a total of 24 goals.  Barcelona’s Menée combination ranked first in Europe, closer to Real Madrid’s Cristiano Ronaldo Benzema combination, the Portuguese scored 36 goals, the French scored 17 goals, the two scored a total of 53 goals.However, he participated in more matches than Barcelona players, because Real Madrid participated in the European Super Cup, Spanish Super Cup and World Cup this season.  In addition, Lyon’s Lacazette-Fiquil combination scored a total of 35 goals, of which the former scored 25 goals and the latter scored 10 goals.Atletico’s Grismann-Manjukic scored 34 goals, of which the Croatian scored 19 goals and the French scored 15 goals.The Premier League’s best striker combination is Tottenham’s Harry Kane and Eriksson, but the two scored a total of 34 goals, of which the former 23 goals, the latter 11 goals.Paris Saint-Germain’s combination of Ibrahimovic and Cavani, both scored 16 goals, a total of 32 goals.Premier League Chelsea’s Diego Costa and Hazard scored a total of 30 goals, Manchester City’s Aguero and Yaya Touré also scored 30 goals.Juventus’ Tevez and Pogba scored 27 goals, and Napoli’s Higuain and Carlejón also scored 27 goals.(Ivan)

Interview with whom to learn from Chen Xiangdong: Deloitte adds non-routine audits to education companies

Interview with whom to learn from Chen Xiangdong: Deloitte adds non-routine audits to education companies
“There are always exceptions to the principle!”On the morning of April 8, Chen Xiangdong made a decision “violating his own principles.”  Recently, the situation of China’s stock market has been frequent, and Ruixing Coffee has admitted its financial problems after exposing its financial fraud.In fact, the short-selling agency noticed that Iqiyi was in attendance, and who learned the short-selling from the second month attracted attention again.  At 10 o’clock in the morning on April 8th, he updated a status in the circle of friends as a response to “who is learning to be short”.In the morning, many friends wake up with “explosive news” greetings, “I’m very stunned. We understand that trust between people is very fragile, not to mention the trust of people between countries.”He is outstanding, and integrity has never changed since the start of the business.  Under the advice of investors, the company’s brand department and various media, Chen Xiangdong consulted the company’s lawyers and decided to connect with the media communication meeting at 3 pm after more than an hour.This violates the principles he has set for himself, but “there are always exceptions to the principles.”After the meeting, Chen Xiangdong who was the founder, chairman and chief executive of the company accepted an exclusive interview with Sauna Ye.com on short-term short-selling events and the impact of the Chinese stock market.  Sauna Night: Similar to the sequelae caused by the short sale of the Chinese stock market, everyone is also worried that after Ruixing Coffee ‘s financial fraud, the US will more strictly require Chinese companies to go public in the United States. Will this affect China that will go public in the future?enterprise?  Chen Xiangdong: It is estimated that the subsequent listing of Chinese stocks will have an impact, especially those companies whose early estimates are too high and are not profitable so far. There are many companies that are in the B business. The listing will face challenges.Audit institutions have also raised higher requirements.  As far as I know, after learning who was short, Deloitte added a lot of audits outside of our routine procedures.Most of the leading education companies in China are audited by Deloitte, so Deloitte will also conduct more strict audits on other companies, so I am very proud to say that Deloitte ‘s audit has put a lot of investment in us. TheyThe more we review, we also feel that it is a company with very different cultures and really worth trusting.  Sauna Night Net: Has it been intensively strengthened in recent days?  Chen Xiangdong: Actually we asked for it actively. After the Ruixing Coffee incident came out, we discussed with Deloitte. In the next quarter’s financial report, we added a manual audit.Later, we gave the team a meeting and said that any data that the auditor wants, we are fully open, frank, and trust them like family members.  In fact, we released the 2019 annual report on April 3, from another perspective, if our company has minor problems, Deloitte is afraid to sign it, and the annual report cannot be issued that day.Even so, Deloitte has also issued us the highest quality unqualified audit report.  Sauna Nightnet: This epidemic has made online education more popular. What impact will it have on whom to learn from and the online education industry?  Chen Xiangdong: I once said that 200 million elementary and middle school students have to take online courses, and online courses. China has a 200 billion dollar online education market.Therefore, the impact of crisis and disaster on education, especially online education, is difficult to estimate.  I think the Chinese nation has been civilized for thousands of years, and many industries have been reorganized, but the education industry has not been changed from private school to the final class teaching, but this time online education has really solved the new model of education, I think the world willRecognize this problem.  Sauna, Ye Wang Jin Yu Chen Weicheng Editor Wang Jinyu Sun Yong proofreading Xue Jingning

Zhang Ting’s daydream works will accelerate bankruptcy

Zhang Ting’s daydream works will accelerate bankruptcy
Zhang Ting instructed Tang Wei on the shooting scene of “Da Ming Feng Hua”.Zhang Ting calligraphy.  Director Zhang Ting’s masterpiece TV series: “Da Ming Feng Hua” in 2019, “Meng Fu at Sea” 2012 / screenwriter (including co-writers) Movies: “The Taoist Down the Mountain”, “July of the Carriage”, “Mulan”, etc., TV series “Police Li “Liquor Bottle”, “Lu Liang Heroes”, “Dark Incense” and other new works: the preparation of the TV series “Long River under the World” starring Tang Wei and Zhu Yawen on the day of the ending of “Daming Fenghua” (January 23, 2020), Fengcheng, Wuhan.The director and screenwriter Zhang Ting had not had time to review the pros and cons of the play, so he had to live a segregated life at home.If you don’t consider the harassment caused by the epidemic, this period of “quietness” is quite desirable when Zhang Ting is busy filming: you can read books and practice words without time every day. There is a phone call every day, and you don’t have to worry about being reminded.Zhang Ting has been thinking about how to make the story of the epidemic film and television, but believes that the current record will be more powerful than the drama.  In the past, I wanted to be quiet but afraid of quiet. Zhang Ting used “quiet” to describe life during the epidemic.”As a professional writer, I most hope for quietness. I am also most afraid of quietness and fear of losing contact with the world, so I am always in a tangled state.”For example, after seeing a few dials in the afternoon, the guests said too much, and the anger was dissipated. When writing at night, the quality could not be improved, but nobody wanted to see anyone, and they were also panicked.Now we can quietly watch the world stop. It is rare to have a phone call a day, and there is no need to meet with anyone. For meetings, in addition to reading and writing, you just wear a mask and walk out.”During the epidemic, Zhang Ting’s seasonal rhythm became regular. Except for eight hours of sleep and one hour of eating, the rest of the time was reading and writing brushstrokes.Sometimes I write words for seventy-five hours, and sometimes I do n’t write for a few days.  Zhang Ting has read too many books, mainly in the history category, including Tolkien ‘s “The Legend of Nakasu”, “The Great Golden Dynasty” written by Mao Dun Literature Award author Xiong Zhaozheng, Zhang Hongfu ‘s “Yuan Shikai”, and Zhang Hongjie ‘s”History of China”, Han Qi’s “Tongtianzhixue”, and water conservancy books such as “History of the Yellow River Changes” and “Drawings of River Engineering Tools in the Qing Dynasty”.This has something to do with the focus of his next work-the discovery of Kangxi’s historical drama “Long River under the World”.  Writing brushstrokes, Zhang Ting specializes in Wang Xizhi’s “Huang Ting Jing”.”Before writing about the European style, I was too focused on beautiful fonts. The style of the ‘Two Kings’ was simple and restrained.The conclusion of “Huang Ting Jing” is not difficult, the difficulty is the quality of strokes.”He also watched a lot of movies during the epidemic,” the overall feeling is that the movies in the past two years have become worse and worse, and they have been mixed by Marvel.”Ting Ting said, it’s not to blame Marvel, or because of the good box office of Marvel movies, the social resources and creative power of the American film industry have been attracted. One type is too strong, and the others will be relatively weak.””This year’s Oscars (winning works) are average.Martin Scorsese’s “The Irish” and Quentin Tarantino’s “Hollywood” are terrible.”After the epidemic, daydreams will definitely go bankrupt and eventually worry about the distortion of the epidemic to the film and television industry. Zhang Ting saw its pros and cons intertwined.  On the bad side, the amount of capital invested in the film and television industry will shrink, and the popularity of the entire industry, its influence on society, and even the degree of topic will decline.”This industry is now more and more exaggerated in production, more and more vicious in comments, and even watching the masses have a carnival impulse to destroy works collectively.In fact, in the past two years, there have been few scenes that have not been scolded.Zhang Ting bluntly said that at this level, the film and television industry will have a hard time in the future.  But on the good side, the epidemic has accelerated the severe bankruptcy of the film and television creation “Daydream” and the return to the drama.In the past few years, capital has entered the film and television industry, and IP is prevalent.”There are IPs everywhere, and there are also male frequency and female frequency. The commonly used sentence for male frequency is ‘I can’t help but the sky’, and the common word for female frequency is ‘overbearing president falling in love with me’.Now that the epidemic has calmed everyone down, the overbearing president is not as good as a mask.Daydreaming will actually go bankrupt, but now it has only accelerated.”Zhang Ting has observed a change in the audience’s tastes-2019 popular dramas such as” You’re You “and” It’s All Good “are expressions of problems in life in film and television,” gradually, arrogant and exaggerated works will changeInto a minority.”An ancient warrior used to interpret the proud Chinese Zhang Ting who has been thinking about the film and television issue during the epidemic, but his orientation is” difficult “. It is difficult for the epidemic to not pass, and the creation needs to be precipitated.In the scene, there must be many people who shoot better than him.  Regardless of commercial considerations, Zhang Ting’s most wanted film is a warrior costume costume.”Like the Ranger in the Spring and Autumn Period and the Warring States period, life is unrestrained, and there is no need to fly around so exaggeratedly. It has the courage to travel all over the world, and the promise of courage.I want to make a good movie and make proud Chinese people.”However, Zhang Ting’s current focus is to complete the first eight episodes of the TV series” Our New Era “and write the journey of a demolition elite and a man who coexists with bombs.  The focus of his work this year is to revise the script he created, “The Long River in the World”. This is a historical drama about Kangxi’s governance of the river during his years. “I hope I can shoot it this year.”  Feeling the halt of the work brought about by the epidemic, Zhang Ting continued to have a lot of time to review the whole process of the drama “Da Ming Feng Hua”, where to win, where to lose, and to summarize experience and lessons.”Manpower is sometimes poor” is a truth.”I don’t know how good others are.It is not only a question of ability, but also includes the creator’s personality, preferences, views on the world, attitudes towards life, etc. These are not replicable.Therefore, the creator’s hard work for the rest of his life is to overcome himself, revise himself, and improve himself.Do your best and do your next work well.”Tolkien is still very stubborn to build his Middle-earth world. This is the first time I have read the most fictional novels imitating Greek mythology. Some chapters are elaborately obscure and difficult to read, and some fragments are impressive.memorable.What impressed me most was that there was a hero inside, imprisoned by the god of fate. The punishment of the god of fate was for him to sit on the throne of the god and look at the life of his own son from a bystander’s perspective.His son was also a great hero, vigorous and violent, and finally failed and died.The father shed tears all his life on the throne.With the pen’s wonder, chase the Greek sages.  -Ting Zhang talks about the recent reading of Tolkien’s “The Unfinished Legend of Numenor and Nakasu” (published by Shanghai People’s Publishing House) / sauna, Ye Wang Yang Lianjie

[How to eat mountain fans]_How to eat_How to eat

[How to eat mountain fans]_How to eat_How to eat

Mountain millet is a mountain vegetable that grows under the mixed woods and grows nearby.

The common practice of mountain vegetables is to eat them cold. There are many elements and nutrients in the mimosa itself. It has a great effect on muscle growth and immune enhancement. At the same time, it contains more iron and can replenish blood.Women during menstruation can eat some glutinous seeds.

Here are some precautions for eating wild vegetables.

1, must be soaked wild mountain vegetables.

For some wild vegetables such as mountain garlic and yam, because they contain trace amounts of toxins, they must be penetrated to detoxify.

If you eat it without soaking, it will cause poisoning and cause discomfort.

Healthy health reminds us that before eating this type of wild mountain vegetable, it must be soaked with water, and it must be soaked for more than two hours.

2, long wild vegetables on the tree suitable for fried.

There is an article in Healthy Life, which says that for wild vegetables growing on trees, such as elm money and spiny sprouts, these wild vegetables are suitable for steaming or making sauce.

It’s hard to swallow if it is fried and sticky.

3, do not understand mountain wild vegetables can not eat.

When picking wild vegetables, the main thing is to be able to distinguish whether it is poisonous. For wild vegetables that you do n’t know, do n’t pick or eat them.

Because some wild plants contain highly toxic substances, symptoms such as chest tightness, bloating, and nausea and vomiting are easy to occur after ingestion. If they are severe, they will be dangerous to life!

Everyone must keep this spring in mind!

4, long-released wild vegetables have no edible value.

People pick and eat wild mountain vegetables, the picture is pollution-free and fresh.

If wild mountain vegetables are stored for too long, they will not be fresh, and their nutritional content will be greatly reduced. At the same time, the taste will become very bad.

This little life knowledge is also very useful!

5, bitter wild vegetables can not eat more.

Spring Tour Tips: During the spring tour, it is not a good thing to kill two birds with one stone while playing.

But there is one thing everyone should keep in mind: Mountain wild vegetables with a bitter taste have the effect of detoxifying and detoxifying because they are cold foods.

If we eat too much of this kind of wild vegetables, it will hurt our spleen and stomach.

6, should not be cooked wild vegetables.

Common Sense of Life: Most wild mountain vegetables are suitable for eating raw, that is, dipping pickles often eaten by northerners, such as dandelion and endive.

These bitter wild vegetables are refreshing and refreshing when eaten raw. If cooked, they will not be swallowed.

7, can not eat seriously polluted mountain vegetables.

Mountain wild vegetables on both sides of the road, because of serious air pollution, the mountain wild vegetables have a large lead content; while mountain wild vegetables growing by the waste water often contain a lot of toxins.

We must not eat edible wild vegetables that are heavily polluted.

[Comprehensive Simple Practice of Celery Leaves]_How to_Making Method

鑺硅彍鍙跺瓙鍚屾牱鍏锋湁寰堝ソ鐨勪娇鐢ㄤ环鍊硷紝瀹冪殑钀ュ吇浠峰€间篃姣旇緝楂橈紝涓嶄絾鍚湁涓板瘜鐨勮喅椋熺氦缁达紝鍚屾椂鍚湁澶氱鐭跨墿璐ㄥ拰缁寸敓绱狅紝鑺硅彍鍙跺瓙涔熷彲浠ュ仛鎴愮編椋燂紝鏃㈠彲浠ヨ厡鍒跺捀鑿滐紝涔熷彲浠ュ仛鎴愬噳鎷岃彍锛岄兘鏈夊緢濂界殑椋熺敤浠峰€笺€傚彟澶栦篃鍙互鐢ㄨ姽鑿滃彾瀛愬仛鎴愯彍鍥㈠瓙锛屽懗閬撴瘮杈冩竻鏂帮紝寰堝浜轰篃姣旇緝鍠滄銆傝姽鑿滃彾瀛愮畝鏄撳仛娉曞ぇ鍏ㄥ仛娉曚竴鏉愭枡鑺硅彍鍙讹紝绾㈣彍妞掞紝鐢熻姳鐢燂紝钂滄搏锛岄唻锛岀洂锛岀敓鎶斤紝鍛崇簿锛岄娌癸紝绯栧皯璁稿仛娉?.鑺硅彍鍙舵礂鍑€鐢ㄥ紑姘寸儷涓€涓嬶紝鎸ゅ共姘村垎锛屽垏鎴愮粏灏忕殑娈点€?.绾㈣彍妞掍篃鐢ㄥ紑姘寸儷涓€涓嬶紝鍒囨垚缁嗕竵銆?.I am afraid that you will be able to see what is going on, what to do, what to do, what to do, what to do, what to do, what to do, what to do, what to do, what to do, what to do and what to do and what to do夊悗鐢ㄦ纸濡傛灉瀹堕噷鏈夌幇鎴愮殑灏卞彲浠ョ洿鎺ョ敤锛夈€?.鎶婅姽鑿滃彾锛岀孩鑿滄涓佸拰鐑ょ啛鐨勮姳鐢熸斁涓€璧凤紝鍔犺挏娌紝閱嬶紝鐩愶紝鐢熸娊锛屽懗绮撅紝棣欐补鍜屽皯璁哥硸涓€璧锋媽鍧囧嵆鍙€傚仛娉曚簩鏉愭枡涓绘枡锛氳姽鑿滃彾500鍏嬶紝杈呮枡锛氶浮铔?00 鍏 嬶 璋 咩 枡 東 洂 3 鍏 嬶 麴 鍴 菴 盤 2 鍏 嬶 麴 鑳 ℃  經?Sorry, the girl is rugged?0 鍏 嬶 甏 界 毊 澶 ц 描 10 鍏 嬶 纴 读?What is the difference between 5 and 5? What is the damage? 30. What is it?.鑺硅彍鍙跺紑姘寸儷鍑猴紝鍒囨垚缁嗘湯锛屽姞楦¤泲銆佺洂銆佸懗绮俱€佽儭妞掔矇鍜岄潰绮夛紙灏戣锛夋媽鍖€锛?.It ‘s hard to find a good girl. It ‘s so hard to read. It ‘s so hard to read. It ‘s hard to read. It ‘s a good idea.3.澶ц挏娉ュ姞閱嬨€侀叡娌广€佸懗绮撅紝璋冩垚姹侊紝涓庤姽鍙堕ゼ鍚屼笂妗岃樃椋熴€傚皬璇€绐嶉鐗╃浉You will be able to donate your money, do n’t give up, do n’t be fooled, do n’t do anything, you ‘ll be able to handle the lawsuit, and you ‘ll be able to manipulate the lawsuit.敳楸笺€侀菠楸笺€佽眴娴嗐€佽尪鍚岄銆傚仛娉曚笁鏉愭枡鑺硅彍鍙讹紝榛戞湪鑰筹紝鐧借姖楹伙紙鐔燂級锛岀洂锛岃姳妞掓补锛岄娌瑰仛娉?銆?鑺硅彍鍙舵礂鍑€锛屾斁鍏ュ姞浜嗙洂鐨勬哺姘撮噷杞荤劘涓€涓嬶紝鎹炲嚭鏀ュ共姘村垎锛屽紕鎴愬皬娈碉紱2銆?灏嗘场鍙戝ソ鐨勯粦鏈ㄨ€冲墧闄ゆ牴閮紝鐢ㄦ竻姘村弽澶嶅啿娲楀共鍑€锛岀劧鍚庤繃娌告按鐒啛锛岃繃鍑Click on the button, click on the button, click on the button, click on the button, click on the button, or click on the button.銆?灏嗕笂杩版潗鏂欎笌鐧借姖楹讳竴璧锋斁鍏ヨ皟鐞嗙泦锛屽姞鍏ラ€傞噺鐨勭洂銆佽姳妞掓补鍜岄娌癸紝娣峰悎鍧囧寑锛屾笉涓婄墖鍒伙紝鍗冲彲鐩涚洏椋熺敤浜嗐€傚皬璇€绐嶈姽鑿滃瘜鍚淮鐢熺礌锛岀敱姘村垎鍜岀氦缁寸礌鈥滄瀯鎴愨€濓紝浣庤剛楂橀挋锛屽彲甯姪闄嶄綆琛€鍘嬶紝娓呰偁鎺掓瘨銆傝姽鑿滃彾鍙埆涓㈠純锛岃€佹湁钀ュ吇浜嗛粦鏈ㄨ€虫槸瀹跺父瀹剁殑蹇呭椋熸潗锛屽悆璧锋潵鍙f劅椴滆剢锛屽叿鏈夋粙闃村吇鑳冦€佹鼎鑲虹敓娲ョ殑鍔熸晥銆傞粦鏈ㄨ€冲惈鏈変赴瀵岀殑閽欒川鍜岄搧璐紝鍏剁壒鏈夌殑妞嶇墿鑳惰川鑳藉鏈夋晥鍚搁檮鍜屾帓闄ゆ秷鍖栫郴缁熶腑鐨勬畫鐣欐湁姣掔墿璐紝鎵€鍚殑纾疯剛鎴愪负鑳藉娑堣€椾綋鍐呰剛鑲紝杈惧埌鐦﹁韩鐨勫姛鏁堛€?

[Homemade method of sauce eggplant]_ practice Daquan _ production method

[Homemade method of sauce eggplant]_ practice Daquan _ production method

In life, many people especially like to eat eggplant, especially for the burnt eggplant, whether it is the elderly or children, they especially like to eat it, because the burnt eggplant must go through the oil before burning, so the taste of the burnt eggplant will be specialWell, if you want to eat hard-boiled eggplant, you can fry it bigger, and if you want to eat soft-boiled eggplant, you can make more juice. Below I will introduce to you a method of pickled eggplant. Eggplant is relatively oily.Vegetables, fresh vegetables, grilled eggplants, grilled eggplants, and other eggplant dishes without meat are only delicious after being fried. They have less oil and are not delicious. Therefore, those eggplants that are cooked in a variety of ways, such as boiled oil, can only be beaten.With the banner of health, the taste must not be compared with the traditional deep-frying, so I still like the traditional method of making eggplant with sauce.

The eggplant is ready, but the oil is very large. This dish is auntie Gao. People who don’t like this dish can make cold garlic eggplant.

But after eating it, it feels sweeter and softer.

The home-made method of sauce of fried eggplant is to cook the fried eggplant with sauce.

Because there is starch in the miso and eggplant on the eggplant, in the end, the starch is not thickened, and the soup is very thick; the garlic must be put down twice, especially the last minced garlic is the finishing touch to this dish.The role of green shallots is to put them on a plate and sprinkle them, which is both beautiful and strong.

Home-made practice of sauce of eggplant steak 1.

Wash and peel the eggplant, you can also take the skin, the eggplant I bought is a bit old; 2.

Cut the eggplant from the middle; 3.

Put the eggplants on a grid-like flower knife to a depth of 1/2;

4. Use a thin layer of dried starch to pat the eggplant with the flower knife by hand; 5.

5. Heat the oil pan and put it in with a chopstick, there are dense bubbles around the chopsticks, then put the eggplant in the sauce and fry it into golden yellow and remove;

Cut the shallots into scallion flowers, place the onion white and onion leaves separately; slap the garlic cloves first with a knife, then cut into minced garlic, and chopped ginger; soy sauce, vinegar (not sour and fresh), white sugar, pepper powderSeasoning juice; 7.

Heat the wok, add a small amount of oil, change to a low fire and add the miso (the miso is fine. We use Yingkou miso here for this dish. I use this sauce at home because it has fragrant sauce. I can use it if there is none.Sweet noodle sauce or yellow sauce, ordinary soy sauce are fine.

For thick miso, stir up with any water in advance.

All the miso in the Northeast are quite salty, so do n’t put too much. If it ‘s not enough, you can season it with salt, but basically you do n’t need to put any more salt, unless you use salt as a dish), onion, ginger, and halfStir-fry the minced garlic and pour in the sauce; 8.

8. Add seasoning bowl of water and bring to a boil;

Put the fried eggplants in the pan and stir well. Stir the eggplants over low heat for 2 minutes, then concentrate the juices and turn off the heat. When harvesting, add the other half of the minced garlic, and sprinkle the green onions in the dish.The soup should be kept a little, and the bibimbap is particularly delicious;

[Difference between carp and catfish]_Features_Benefits

[Difference between carp and catfish]_Features_Benefits

Carp and catfish are often eaten, and everyone knows that there are many types of eating methods, similar to steamed braised pork, and white burn and split. The taste is good, but many people do not distinguish the difference between carp and catfish.Because the shape looks like a fish, but the pattern and volume are slightly different. First of all, we can judge whether there is a long beard, the head and body shape, and the shape of the bulge can be distinguished.

The difference between carp and carp: 1.

The carp is deformed and penetrates, and the average commercial fish is more than 1 catty.

The error of the fish body is relatively small. Generally, the commercial fish is less than one catty, with 0.


5 pounds is more common.


The carp has a beard implanted in its mouth, and the catfish has no beard.

Carp: Commonly known as carp abalone, hairy seed, etc., belonging to the family Carp.

The side of the body is flat and the belly is round. The mouth is horseshoe-shaped and must be 2 pairs.

Dorsal fin base tip, dorsal fin and anal fin two thick and serrated hard spines.

The body is golden yellow, orange-red under the caudal fin.

Carp usually inhabits rivers, lakes, reservoirs, ponds and marshes that are overgrown with water and grasses. They are mainly benthic animals.

The average length of carp is about 35 cm (14 inches), but it can exceed 100 cm (40 inches) and weigh 22 kg (49 pounds) or more.

Fish: head carp, black and fat (some are white), large belly with ridges.

Perched in soft silt, it can nourish the stomach.

From March to April, it is thick and has a lot of caviar, which makes it delicious.

Fish is the best fish in the world and lives in freshwater areas such as ponds, lakes and rivers.

Body length 15?
20 cm.

It is streamlined (also called shuttle type), tall and flat on the side, the front half is curved, the front contour is raised, and the tail stalk is wide; cylindrical and round, without flesh.

Short head, silent kiss.


The gill main axis is long and the gill filaments are the highest.

A row of hypopharyngeal teeth, oblate.

Large scales.

The sideline is slightly curved.

The dorsal fin is long and the outer edge is relatively straight.

The pointers are aligned, needle-shaped, and closely spaced. The number of gill pointers is 100?

Dorsal and anal fins are implanted with a third hard spine, and the trailing edge is serrated.

The end of the pectoral fin can reach the beginning of the ventral fin.

The dorsal fins of the caudal fin are silver-gray and slightly yellowish on the back, and the abdomen is silver-white and slightly yellowish.

The body color varies according to the growing waters.

[Can pregnant women eat walnuts]_Pregnancy_Can you

[Can pregnant women eat walnuts]_Pregnancy_Can you

Walnut kernel is actually a kind of healthy food, and it is also edible for pregnant women, because it can supplement pregnant women with proper nutrition.

Pregnant women need a variety of nutritional supplements during pregnancy. Walnuts are rich in protein and vitamins, which are very good nutritional supplements for pregnant women, but what you need to pay attention to is the amount of good food.

For pregnant women, walnuts can be eaten.

First of all, due to the overlap of nutrition and physical energy consumed during pregnancy, it will cause the pregnant woman’s physical immunity to be reduced and mentally debilitated.

Consuming walnuts can help pregnant women to add protein, vitamins and minerals, which can improve immunity and energy, so it has certain benefits for the health of pregnant women.

At the same time, pregnant women eat walnut kernels and absorb the phospholipids in walnuts, which helps the healthy development of the brain and nervous system of vitamins.

However, due to the unsaturated fat content of walnuts, if you eat too much, it will be converted into too much aunt in pregnant women, so pregnant women should not eat too much, otherwise it is not good for health and weight control, so we should eat walnuts in moderation.This will better promote the health of pregnant women.

At the same time, for babies, walnuts can be eaten in normal times.

Firstly, because walnuts are rich in nutrients, such as high-quality protein, cellulose, inorganic salts, phospholipids, and vitamins, eating walnut kernels can help your baby effectively promote health, which is good for your baby’s healthy development.

And we eat walnuts to help your baby add nutrients and help your baby to stay healthy.

Walnut meal fiber.

The baby eats walnuts and supplements the fiber, which is conducive to the enhancement of the baby’s gastrointestinal function. It can help the baby to appetite and improve the baby’s appetite to better eat meals and absorb nutrients.

Eating walnut kernels is good for our health. Because walnut kernels are very rich in nutritional value, it is very suitable for most people to eat walnut kernels. For pregnant women, it is good to eat walnut kernels at the same time, while babies eat walnutsKernels are also good for health, so everyone should know about walnut kernels, and eating them can promote healthy development.

Construction investment strategy-wide credit base currency slightly tightened

Construction Investment Strategy: Broad Credit Base Currency Slightly Reduces quasi-hedging is worth looking forward to

[Strategy dynamics]The wide credit base currency is slightly tighter, and the RRR cut is worth looking forward to. — 2nd week of April Liquidity observation Source: Construction investment strategy research Topics this week: The wide credit base currency is slightly tight, and the RRR cut is worth looking forward to completing the continuousThe reverse repurchase operation was suspended on the 13th, and a monthly announcement last week stated that due to the internal liquidity of the existing banking system at a high level, it can absorb the impact of government securities issuance and payment and other factors, the reverse repurchase will not be launched on April 4.operating.

Judging from the trend of interest rates, the currency interest rate fell last week and the national debt rate rose.

As of April 4, 2019, the corresponding interest rates for R007 and DR007 were 2 respectively.

24% vs. 2.

27%, 37BP and 20BP decreased earlier.

Although the inter-bank market is still too loose, we noticed that the short-term inter-bank market in March was more volatile than in February, and short-term supply-demand imbalances sometimes occurred.

According to “Credit Easing and Bull Market Panorama”, the Chinese credit system faces three substantial constraints in the supply of re-credit: (1) capital constraints, (2) liquidity constraints, and (3) demand constraints caused by poor interest rates.

With the initial replenishment of capital, the increased risk of commercial banks will rise, and the upward and upward movement of social financing in February has fully demonstrated the effectiveness of wide credit.

We believe that through the gradual recovery of bank credit, the consumption of statutory reserves has increased, the capital level has gradually tightened, and the volatility of the money market has increased.

  The MLF expired in the second quarter was 1,158.5 billion, of which 366.5 billion expired on April 17, 156 billion expired on May 14, and 463 billion and 2 expired on June 6, and 19, respectively.Trillion.

April and May are big months for companies to pay taxes and small months for fiscal expenditures, and released in June to release liquidity.

Based on the past five years of experience, in April and May, the average withdrawn funds was US $ 659.3 billion, and the average liquidity released in June was US $ 271.7 billion, and the fiscal deposit gap was reduced to US $ 423.7 billion.

In addition, the increase in cash replacement in the second quarter after the Spring Festival was 272.3 billion.

Due to the large number of MLFs expiring in the second quarter, and financial expenditures and credit will cause a gap in the base currency, coupled with short-term imbalances in supply and demand of existing base currencies, it is estimated that 366.5 billion MLFs will expire on April 17.Before, it is necessary to invest funds to make up for the gap.

  According to the scale of our in-depth report on “Credit Easing and Bull Market Panorama” on March 24th, we are currently in the credit easing stage, and reserve constraints offset investment investment constraints. Constraints in the upward stage will reduce the magnitude of the economic cycle and reduce the economyThe wavelength of the cycle, so that the process of economic recovery and prosperity ends prematurely.

Therefore, access to constraints in credit easing is a prerequisite for economic recovery.

During the credit expansion process in 2019, the deposit reserve ratio will continue to be reduced 1-2 times to ensure that financial institutions will not be subject to liquidity constraints during the credit expansion process.

From the perspective of the method of reducing the standard, universal and directional reduction are important options.

In our opinion, it may be that in addition to the general RRR cut, in the future, a targeted RRR cut will be made on deposits formed by small and micro enterprise loans.

If it is to lower the standard once for all financial structures and once for the small and medium deposit financial institutions, the reserve ratio will be further reduced to 13% and 10.

5%, which will help improve support for small and micro enterprises.

  Last week there were 548 listed companies on the Shanghai and Shenzhen stock exchanges. The number of listed companies on the daily limit increased by 150 from the previous week.

Important shareholders reduced their holdings by 2 last week.

1.5 billion, an increase of 35.

1.8 billion.

Last week, new equity and hybrid funds increased, the balance of margin financing and securities lending increased, the amount of financing purchases also declined, and capital inflows to the north increased, of which the Shanghai market increased by 29.

7.6 billion; Shenzhen market increased by 21.

79 yuan.

The market sentiment improved last week, and the daily limit rose on a month-on-month basis. The AH premium rate reached a one-year high.

In fact, last week, the balance of margin financing and securities lending increased to 945.2 billion, rising for ten consecutive weeks, approaching the key trillion mark. Even if there is a small reduction in industrial capital, the stock market liquidity remains better.

  As of March 28, the median price of the US dollar against the RMB was reported at 6.

72, up 0 from the previous month.


As of April 7, 2019, the effective RMB effective exchange rate index was 126.


German short-end interest rates fell, long-end interest rates fell, and maturity spreads narrowed; US yields fluctuated, and maturity spreads changed slightly; Japan’s long-end interest rates fell, and short-term interest rates fell, and spreads narrowed.

The appreciation of the renminbi against the US dollar confirms our judgment on the upward movement of the exchange rate in the weekly report “Economic Stabilization Begins, Blue Chip Relaying in the Next City”.

In fact, benefited from the rapid revaluation of the RMB last week.4% last week, the stock exchange funds from the previous week’s alternation to the rapid transfer, and gradually a net inflow of 50.

7 billion yuan.

Considering that the renminbi is still appreciating everywhere, the expansion of MSCI in May divided by the FTSE Russell index in June is favorable. The foreign exchange inflow situation in the next one to two months may continue to improve.

  2 Stock market liquidity Last week a total of 548 listed companies in the Shanghai and Shenzhen markets had daily limit.

The number of listed companies whose daily limit 杭州桑拿体验网 rose last week increased by 150 from the previous month.
Among them, there were 221 Shanghai stock markets, an increase of 80 from the previous month; 327 Shenzhen stock markets, an increase of 70 from the previous month.

In addition, the SME version has a daily limit of 144 companies, an increase of 33 from the previous month.

  (2) Occupation of funds for IPO and refinancing: Last week, the CSRC issued 4 IPO approvals, and the amount of funds raised was 20.

8.4 billion.

The actual funds raised from new shares last week were 39.

9.9 billion yuan, this week’s IPO financing amounted to 19.

3.7 billion, down 20 from the previous month.

6.2 billion.

Last week, the additional amount was 8.

2.1 billion, a decrease of 41.

7.3 billion.

  Increase and decrease of holdings and transaction costs of important shareholders: Last week, important shareholders reduced their holdings2.

1.5 billion, an increase of 35.

1.8 billion.

Last week the stock market transaction costs 75.

01 billion, down 49.

4.6 billion.

  Size of IPO funds: IPO share and hybrid funds last week were 28.

1.4 billion, an increase of 13 from the previous month.

8.8 billion yuan.

Among them, public funds 28.

14 yuan, no private equity fund.

  Margin financing and margin trading: Margin financing and margin trading last week was 9451.

5.9 billion yuan, with capital inflows of 593.

43 billion, an increase of 229.

1.2 billion.

The balance of margin financing and securities lending accounted for the circulating market value of A shares 2 last weekend.


  Financing purchases: Financing purchases were 3189 last week.

4.9 billion, down 416 from the previous month.

9.8 billion yuan.

The financing purchase amount last weekend accounted for 10 of the A-share turnover.

58, the chain is down by 0.


  Northbound capital inflows: From April 1, 2019 to April 4, 2019, China Securities Exchange A net income of 44.1ppm, the net inflow rose 51.

5.5 billion yuan.

Among them, Shanghai’s net inflow was 21.

6.3 billion yuan, an increase of 29.

7.6 billion yuan; Shenzhen’s net inflow was 22.

4.6 billion, an increase of 21 from the previous month.

7.9 billion yuan.

  Financial market liquidity (1) Open market operation of base currency: There was no open market operation in the last week.

  Short-term interest rates fell last week, long-term interest rates fell, term spreads fell, and credit spreads fell.

From the perspective of interest rate trends, R007 is down, and the average interest rate was 2 last week.

57%, a change of 1.

0089 supplements.

DR007 goes down to 2.

27%, weekly expectations are 2.


Last week, the short-term interest rate of SHIBOR fell, and the long-term interest rate fell.

  (3) The bond market maturity yield (1 year / 5 years / 10 years) was 2 last weekend.

48% / 3.

13% / 3.

27%, 5-year, 10-year yields are up synchronously from the previous month, and 1-year yields are up from the previous quarter.

10-year CDB bond maturity gains increased last weekend.

76%, up from the previous month.

The yield to maturity of 3A corporate bonds (3 years / 5 years / 7 years) closed at 3 last week.

7% / 4.

08% / 4.

27%, 3 years, 5 years, 7 years, the rate of return increased synchronously.

  Global liquidity RMB exchange rate: RMB appreciates slightly against USD.

As of March 29, the median price of the US dollar against the RMB exchange rate was 6.

72, up 0 from the previous month.

As of April 8, 2019, the effective RMB effective exchange rate index was 126.

  (2) Bond market: As of March 28, the US 10-year US Treasury yield 3.

76%, 1-year US Treasury yield 2.

4%, spread is -0.


German 10-year bond yield is -0.

08%, 1-year bond rate -0.

6%, spread is 0.
Japan 10-year bond rate is -0.

086%, 1-year bond rate -0.

1780%, spread is 0.


German short-end interest rates fell, long-end interest rates fell, and maturity spreads narrowed; US yields fluctuated, and maturity spreads changed slightly; Japan’s long-end interest rates fell, and short-term interest rates fell, and spreads narrowed.


Daqin Railway (601006): Traffic volume expected to resume high after spring maintenance is over

Daqin Railway (601006): Traffic volume expected to resume high after spring maintenance is over

In April 2019, the daily average traffic volume of the Daqin Line was 109.

47 average, at least an increase of 1.

96% On May 8, the company released monthly data announcement: In April 2019, the Daqin Line completed 3284 freight traffic, an increase of 1.

96%, with an average daily traffic of 109.

47 is the earliest, and the average daily heavy truck is 75.

1 column; From January to April 2019, the Daqin Line gradually completed the title of freight volume of 14,256, with an average daily volume of 118.

80 at least, reduced by 2 each year.


We believe that: 1) April’s traffic volume is in line with expectations, and the centralized maintenance in spring will reduce the April traffic volume by a maximum of 601; 2) Through the end of routine maintenance, May’s traffic volume is expected to return to a high level.

The company’s dividend yield continues to grow, maintaining its “overweight” rating and target price.


70 yuan.

In April, the traffic was suppressed by maintenance. In May, the traffic recovered to a high level in advance. From April 7 to 3四川耍耍网0, the Daqin Line conducted routine spring maintenance.

Affected by spring maintenance and power supply failure in Zhangjiakou, the Daqin Line completed 3284 grids of freight in April, which decreased by 601 from the previous month. The average daily traffic in April was 109.

Of the 47 samples, 130 were included in the full load, and 15 existed.

8% space.

We expect that the Daqin line transportation will return to normal in May, and the traffic volume is expected to rise to a high of 125-130 (the average daily traffic volume in January-March 2019 is about 121.

90 inches).

From May 1-8, the average daily coal transfer volume from Qingang to Hong Kong reached 60.

73 initially, and only 50 during the April 7-30 maintenance period.


Official inventories remain high, and hydropower growth affects coal demand in April. Power plant and port coal inventories remained high in April, with little change.

The inventory of the six major power generation groups decreased from 1569 at the beginning of the month to 1540 at the end of the month; Qinhuangdao inventory decreased from 640 at the beginning of the month to 635 at the end of the month.

From the highest point of view, on May 8, the inventory of the six major factories was 1,553, which was 229 higher than the same period last year; the inventory at Qingang was 649, which was 142 feet higher than the same period last year.

Daily coal consumption in power plants fell by half a half in April.

32%, may be squeezed by hydropower, while the Three Gorges Reservoir outflow increased by 20%.

We believe that the power plant actively replenished the added value of the inventory in May based on: 1) May is the traditional off-season season for coal use, and hydropower accounts for a large proportion of power generation; 2) The coal availability days of the six major power generation groups are about 28 days, which is relatively highLevel.

The “transit railway” guarantees the high capacity of the Daqin Line. The performance in 2019 is expected to be basically flat. The coal supply will be concentrated in the “Three West Regions”. The “transit railway” and overloaded highways will provide guarantee for the high volume of the Daqin line.

Affected by mining disasters and high inventories in February, the Daqin Line’s traffic volume was separated by 10.

48%; In January, March and April, the volume was basically flat.

We expect the company’s performance to remain flat in 2019.

On the income side, the freight volume of the Daqin Line is close to full load, and the annual growth space is small. The Tanggang Railway benefits from the increase in the shipment volume of the Mongolian-Jilin Line, the return freight volume increases, and the profit is expected to increase slightly.

The total reduction of taxes and fees implemented by the Iron and Steel Corporation is expected to have a slight overlap.

As the interest rate center moves downwards, debts are returned due to maturity, book cash increases, and financial expenses are expected to improve slightly.

Dividend rate is still attractive, maintain “overweight” rating and target price.


The 70-yuan Daqin line traffic in April was in line with expectations. We maintain our profit forecast unchanged. We expect net profit attributable to mothers to be 144 in 2019-2021.

70, 146.84, 145.

7.8 billion.

Maintain target price of 9.


70 yuan is unchanged.

The company has a high dividend yield and may still increase as a defense or category of cash allocation.

Assuming that the dividend rate for 2019-2021 is basically the same as 2018, the company’s dividend rate is expected to be 5.

85%, 5.

94%, 5.

90% (based on the closing price on 5/8/2019).

Maintain the “overweight” rating.

Risk warning: rapid economic downturn, speeding up of railway transport capacity in Mongolia, Hebei, and Japan, and relaxation of highway governance